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ForkLift 3 Review

If you have a MacBook and find it difficult to organise and manage your files, you can find the solution in this ForkLift 3 review. 

We know how tedious it is to move files on a mac. We also know how complicated it further gets when using its multi-windows finder. 

But luckily, we have the ForkLift 3 – a platform to make all your tasks more hassle-free and seamless. The app also lets you access various cloud storages without you having to bother opening new tabs to use these. 

Our in-depth and detailed ForkLift 3 review will share all the advanced features this app has. It’s definitely much more than your standard document manager, so you can only expect the best from it.

ForkLift 3 Review – Design and Functionality

This app is probably one of the most updated file manager and dual-pane file transfer clients for macOS. It makes searching and organising files more convenient, easy, and seamless.

ForkLift 3 is a great alternative to the system finder of macOS when it comes to managing and organising files. This will help keep things in order, thus, allowing you to do your tasks faster.              

ForkLift 3 Interface

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We’re also discussing its interface here in our ForkLift 3 review. After installing and opening the app, the first things you’ll see are a variety of four panes. 

At the top, you’ll see a toolbox, shortcuts or various views, sync, connect, and search. The left side displays your hard drive and the connection from your FTP or cloud service. 

At the centre, you’ll see dual panes on the second-level view of the hard drive. On the right is the preview pane which displays all of your file details. 

ForkLift 3’s integrates perfectly with the macOS and goes right down to the minor details of the UI. The app supports Dark Mode, List View, Column View, and Icon View. Plus, it even offers document previews for PDFs, text documents, and images. 

Price and Platform Compatibility

As of writing, this app is only available for macOS. You can download its free trial version from their official site. If you want the full paid version, the amount for each single licence is $29.95.

Not only that, but they also have a family licence for $49.95 and $99.95 for the small business licence. If you have a team or group, using the latter is the best option. 

Since ForkLift is part of Setapp, you can get access to over 170 other applications like MindNode, Diarly, and more.

Key Features of the ForkLift 3

Here is a list of all the different key features of the app. And, we’ll be sharing these with you here in our ForkLift 3 review.

Remote Connections

With ForkLift 3, you can connect to various remote volumes and easily manage files across networks. It allows you to simultaneously connect to multiple servers and copy between them with drag and drop.

ForkLift Mini

ForkLift Mini can be found on your menu bar. It allows mounting a saved remote connection as a disc and uploading files to a remote server. Also, you can run a saved Synclet even when ForkLift isn’t running.


With the sync feature, you can compare remote/local sources then target folders to identify modified, matching, new, and deleted files. 


You can quickly edit a text file on local drives and remote servers. We’ve used the preview panel while testing it for our ForkLift 3 review. It’s essential for displaying information about the chosen file. 

This feature allows you to payback video and audio files, inspect PDFs, images, as well as other known document types. 

Quick Open

Quickly access your devices, favourites, menu commands, and open selected files with a specific app. Aside from that, you can also apply previous Multi Rename presets on particular files or folders.

Multi Rename

Multi Rename is a tool you can use when renaming a lot of files. You can replace text, change the case, indicate dates or sequences, and combine these in a saved preset.

Dark Mode

Reduce eye strain when using Fork Lift 3 by switching to dark mode.


We’ve looked at the app’s different specifications and we’re listing it here in our ForkLift 3 review. 

To use the app, you’ll need to, of course, use ForkLift’s latest 3.5.6 version. Also, your macOS should be the 10.12+ version.

Hands-on with the ForkLift 3

This is the part of our ForkLift 3 review where we’ll share our hands-on experience with the app. We first tried its Quick Open function. Just as mentioned, it directly permitted us to access apps, resources, and commands from the program. 

With its synchronised features, we were able to sync files between different directories with ease. To note, this was regardless of whether the directories were placed on the same host.

To have a file’s corresponding metadata appear in the preview panel, we simply clicked files to prompt this. It was just positioned on the program’s rightmost section which makes it easier to see. 

When we didn’t need this, we easily hid auto previews simply by clicking “view” then choosing the hide preview option. 

Also the app was able to easily and quickly link to remote FTP servers. We also tried connecting it to local FTPs and we got faster results which was great.

Do note that the speed outcome will vary, so everyone’s experience will be different due to multiple factors. These include internet speed, disk speed, server connection, etc. 

ForkLift 3 Review Summary

ForkLift 3 is an excellent tool to improve your productivity and efficiency. It’s extremely useful especially if you deal with a lot of local and remote files.

When we used the software for our ForkLift 3 review, we were surprised with the convenience it gave us. We didn’t have to open different browsers to connect servers and the cloud storage since everything was accessible via ForkLift. Plus, the dual panes made moving files easier than ever.

Overall, ForkLift 3 is a great software for file management. Photographers and engineers can benefit from its syncing and updating features. It’s also ideal for web designers and programmers who need to move files to and from web hosting servers. 

Check out ForkLift 3’s official product page for more information about the software.