pixelmator pro review Pixelmator Pro Review

Pixelmator Pro Review

Do you need cost-efficient image editing software that lets you change your photos? Does it necessarily have to let you create quick graphic design images? If that is the case, read our Pixelmator Pro Review to help solve your concerns. 

Pixelmator Pro is an image editing tool that offers powerful and professional image editing capabilities. It has plenty of tools for retouching and editing images, drawing vector graphics, creating graphic designs, painting, and more.  

Our Pixelmator Pro Review will cover everything you need to know about the program and how it performs. 

Pixelmator Pro Review – Design and Functionality

While writing our Pixelmator Pro Review, we learned how excellent this image editing software is. It can compete with big names like Adobe Photoshop and Canva. Plus, it allows you to edit images, create designs, etc.

With the software, you can readily create posters or enhance web pages. Also, you can design anything you want with ease and convenience. 

The Interface of the Pixelmator Pro 

The first element to consider with the Pixelmator Pro is its interface. Using it will give you a pleasant experience because of its neat and organised format that is user-friendly. Because of its simplicity, you can easily find your way around the UI. 

Another notable aspect of the software is the flexibility of the interface. You can rearrange all tools to your preferred format and make the layout resemble Adobe Photoshop. 

You can rearrange the panels and tools with a few clicks. Alternatively, you can create and personalise your layout how you want.


While making this Pixelmator Pro Review, we also learned that it is not a free program. You can purchase it for $19.99 on the Mac App Store.

If you are still unsure about getting it, the official Pixelmator website provides a free trial of the program. You can download it and use all its features for 30 days. 

You do not need to provide an email address/credit card because you will not get charged automatically. Instead, you will not have further access to the program until you purchase it. 

Key Features of the Pixelmator Pro

Powerful Tools to Enhance Your Photos

Pixelmator Pro has a collection of powerful colour adjustment options, allowing you to edit photos your way. The program supports RAW files and offers magnificent presents and handy retouching tools. Pixelmator Pro makes it easy for photos to look spectacular.

A Collection of Vector Tools for Drawing and Illustrating

We will discuss why Pixelmator Pro changes your drawing and illustrating experience in our Pixelmator Pro Review.

Pixelmator Pro has a comprehensive set of vector tools, allowing you to create resolution-independent designs. The program has easily customisable, pre-designed shapes and supports the SVG vector file format.

Everything to Produce Beautiful Designs 

Make your ideas come to mind by using Pixelmator Pro. Whether you create designs for a poster, app, or webpage, you can perform fast with advanced tools. Take advantage of your power with layer-based editing and spacing guides.

Enables Beginners to Create Professional-level Content

Pixelmator Pro allows you to create attractive designs using stunning templates, even if you are a beginner.

Easily Create Spectacular Paintings

Pixelmator Pro supports graphics tablets and has many handcrafted dual-texture brushes and advanced paint-blending tools. Plus, the program uses a painting engine powered by Metal with the latest graphics acceleration technology.

Choose Your Workspace

You can customise your workspace on Pixelmator Pro. Move the tools and sidebars where you want or choose from presets to create the ideal layout.

One Click to Remove Any Background

The Core ML-powered Remove Background is a feature that allows you to remove any background from any image. 

It works with machine-learning algorithms to select the subject, automatically refine its edges, and remove traces of the previous background.

Image Editing with Machine Learning

We will also discuss how machine learning works for image editing in our  Pixelmator Pro Review. It offers intelligent image editing that allows computers to gather knowledge in performing tasks as humans do. As a result, you can edit images more efficiently.

Editing and Combining Images

Select and edit precise parts of your images with ease using Pixelmator Pro. You can also apply colour adjustments and effects on particular areas or copy objects from one photo to another.

Advanced Features, Efficient Workflow

Pixelmator Pro is a newbie-friendly program with an easy-to-use design. Once you master the skills for image editing, you can take advantage of advanced features to have an efficient workflow. These features include Soft Proofing, Export for Web, AppleScript, and more.


Our Pixelmator Pro Review will focus on the specifications to know if the program suits your needs. It works with all file formats, allowing you to open/save images in JPEG, PSD, PNG, and other popular formats.

It offers native support for all Mac products powered by the M-series, which are Apple-designed chips. 

You need to have macOS 11 Big Sur or later to use the Pixelmator Pro. Plus, it has optimisations for Macs that have Apple silicon. 

Hands-on with the Pixelmator Pro

When we tried the Pixelmator Pro, it performed excellently and is ideal for anyone who needs quality editing tools. Since we are not pro photographers, the program cleaned up images for us. Also, it increased image resolution and made beautiful designs despite using low-quality ones.

We love that the platform is highly intuitive from the beginning. However, it took us some time to remember where everything was. But luckily, finding what we needed was not difficult. 

So, we suggest that you take a few minutes to get used to the program and familiarise yourself with it. From there, you will realise that everything you need is present.

Pixelmator Pro Review Summary

Pixelmator Pro is an excellent program for photo editing and graphic design. It is a cost-efficient one-time investment offering many impressive features that allow you to work faster.

We enjoyed our experience when we tested the program for our Pixelmator Pro Review. The collection of advanced tools and features allowed us to work faster and make our ideas come to life conveniently. Aside from creating designs, you can also edit and retouch photos flawlessly. 

Overall, we highly recommend this program for illustrators, graphic designers, and content creators.

For more details, visit the official product page of Pixelmator Pro