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GoXLR Mic Review

Every streamer wants a mic that gets the job done. So here in our GoXLR Mic Review, we will look into one product from TC-Helicon that checks all the boxes. 

This microphone features an ultra-low noise design, making it an ideal option for any broadcasting scenario. The product also offers outstanding high-quality performance and a heavy-duty multi-adjustable mount for added stability. 

If you are interested in this product from TC-Helicon, continue reading our GoXLR Mic Review for more info about it.

GoXLR Mic Packaging

Our mic shipped in a basic-looking white cardboard box with a minimalistic approach. The box features an image of the product, its name, and the company branding.

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Inside the box, you will find the GoXLR Mic, a quick start guide and nine colour rings. The polystyrene foam in the package has designated spaces for each item to keep these safe during transit.

Now we can move forward in this GoXLR Mic Review to focus on its design and functions.              

GoXLR Mic Review – Design and Functionality

The GoXLR Mic is a dynamic microphone with an all-metal body that feels well-built. It has a multi-adjustable mount, allowing you to install it on most mic stands. Plus, it has a pre-installed compact pop filter for reducing plosive sounds.

We did not notice any flex when we pressed its mesh cover, which shows it has a high-quality build. Aside from the mic, its mount is sturdy enough to swivel in any direction. Plus, you can set its position without worrying about damaging it.

Swappable Coloured Rings

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The only plastic part is the coloured accent ring, which you can swap with the other colours in the box. TC-Helicon provides nine colours in the box for multiple options when personalising your mic.

Swapping the coloured rings to personalise the design of the GoXLR Mic is simple. You do not need to remove the mic from your boom arm, which makes things more convenient. All you have to do is detach the pop filter and unscrew the mic from its mount. 

Once you detach the GoXLR Mic, replace the accent ring with another colour and screw it back in place. Although made of metal, the pop filter is the most fragile part of the GoXLR Mic. So when you adjust its position, always handle it with care to avoid damaging this.

Simple Design without Controls

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The GoXLR Mic is straightforward, so you will not find buttons, switches, controls or fancy elements like RGB lighting. This product only has a gold-plated XLR connector on its rear. Plus, its adjustable mount has two articulating joints that allow positioning and controlling the direction of the mic. 

The GoXLR Mic uses a super-cardioid polar pattern. As a result, it excellently rejects sounds that are not directly in front of the capsule.

Simply put, this microphone is well-built and integrates elements content creators want. Its overall form is sturdy and premium and will fit adequately in any themed studio. Moreover, the swappable rings featuring vibrant colours add more pop and charm to the product. 

To know more about what it can offer, continue reading our GoXLR Mic Review to learn more about its features.

Key Features of the GoXLR Mic 

The market of microphones offers plenty of XLR mic options to choose from. But with an abundance of it, selecting the best one for your activities can be daunting. 

In this part of our review, we listed all the features of this GoXLR Mic. The product packs several eye-catching elements that you will love. Also, these details will help determine what makes it better than the rest. 

Designed Just for You 

The needs of every creator vary, and TC-Helicon knows it. So the company designed the mic to be perfect for content creators. The GoXLR Mic sports an ultra-low design offering pro-level podcast audio without more hiss.

Universally Adjustable

The GoXLR Mic is crafted for optimal placement using a mechanism that enables three-dimensional adjustments. With its dual articulation locking joints, you gain precise control to adjust your mic position to suit any setup. In addition, you can attach it to any standard 3/8 or 5/8-inch mic stand with a threaded adapter.

Furthermore, the height of the sliding pop filter can be easily adjusted using a convenient thumb screw.

Powerful Mic 

The GoXLR Mic not only boasts an impressive aesthetic, but it also serves as a robust recording tool. It features an almost flat frequency response ranging from 50Hz to 18kHz, ensuring accurate sound reproduction. 

Moreover, its highly directional super-cardioid polar pattern enhances focus on the desired audio source while rejecting background noise. You will receive an ideal audio performance with a high-quality transducer and gold-plated XLR output. 

Accent Rings to Personalise the GoXLR Mic

We also saw accent rings on the mic while writing this GoXLR Mic Review. These will allow you to customise your streaming rig based on your style and preference. You can do this by swapping out the default anodised ring with one of the vibrant-coloured accent ones. 

Replace the ring colour and match your mood or opt for something similar to your studio colour scheme. Replacement is straightforward: remove the pop filter before unscrewing the nut from its mic base, then change the ring! 

A Highly Versatile Mic

The GoXLR Mic is part of the GoXLR ecosystem. As a result, you can connect it with other products like the GoXLR audio interface. 

Furthermore, you can access extensive controls to tweak the audio with other GoXLR products. Adjusting the sound allows you to achieve the best recording quality using the GoXLR Mic.

Works with Multiple Audio Software

Although the GoXLR Mic does not have built-in buttons and controls, it integrates with any audio software. You can adjust the sound of your mic via streaming and recording programs like OBS, XSplit, and Streamlabs.

Adjustable Pop Filter of the GoXLR Mic

The GoXLR Mic has an adjustable pop filter that reduces plosives that disrupt your signal. We appreciate that the company left it compact and pre-installed on the microphone.


Here is a quick list of the product specifications you can go through while reading our GoXLR Mic Review. These details will help determine if the mic is ideal for your needs. 

This super-cardioid dynamic microphone has a 50Hz to 18kHz frequency response and an impedance of 300 Ohms. It sports a gold-plated XLR connector and has a -74dB sensitivity. It also has an adequate weight of 485g, which is not too heavy nor too light. 

Hands-on with the GoXLR Mic 

Let us discuss our hands-on experience with the mic in our GoXLR Mic Review. We used it for a week to see if it was ideal for content creation and if it produced excellent sounds. 

Thanks to its built-in XLR connector and simple design, setting up the GoXLR Mic was easy. Once mounted, we connected the product to our audio interface, and the mic was ready. 

The first thing we did was use the mic with no processing, effects, or filters. It was something necessary to hear how it sounded out of the box. To our surprise, it was clear and did not have unwanted sounds like sibilants, hissing, and buzzing. 

However, the plosives were solid and noticeable when we tested the GoXLR mic without the pop filter. But despite that, it still produced quality sounds that we were satisfied with.

We were impressed when we used the pop filter since it significantly reduced the plosives and improved the audio quality. But despite its size, this pop filter worked efficiently in minimising the unwanted sounds in recordings, which was highly impressive.

In our test recordings, the vocals were clean, and the bass was neither too low nor exaggerated. And when we used it for voice chats, our friends were impressed with the clarity of our voices. 

The GoXLR Mic effectively rejected the sounds of our keyboard due to its directional pattern, making our voices more audible. 

When we tried speaking towards the different sides of the mic, it did not capture our voices. Also, its highly-directional pattern worked perfectly in cancelling unwanted sounds.

Overall, the professional-quality audio of the GoXLR Mic was satisfying. It is a high-quality product on par with the performance of other supercardioid microphones in its price range.

GoXLR Mic Review Summary

To conclude our GoXLR Mic Review, our overall experience with the mic was superb. It is a broadcast mic sporting a design ideal for content creators thanks to its outstanding features and aspects. 

It focuses on your voice and does a perfect job of ignoring background noise. And it is all thanks to the highly-directional supercardioid capsule that is present. 

The pop filter you can adjust is handy since it successfully stops plosives from disrupting the signal. Moreover, we love the dually articulated joints that allow flexible positioning. And the biggest plus is that you can change its colour rings to customise the mic appearance. 

It performed notably during our tests, and it is a product we would highly recommend. If you want to learn more about this excellent microphone, visit the official product page of TC-Helicon for details.