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HIFIMAN Ananda Nano Review

 Like the original version, the Ananda Nano gives us quality, excellence, and efficiency. So, we will discuss this product here in our HIFIMAN Ananda Nano Review.

The Ananda Nano is evenly balanced with a natural sound signature. But since it is optimised, you can expect significant upgrades to performance and tuning. 

In this HIFIMAN Ananda Nano Review, we will see if the Ananda Nano continues to be the best on the market. Is it worth purchasing? Or is the original version still better? Let us find out. 

HIFIMAN Ananda Nano Packaging

Our headphones shipped in a basic cardboard box typical of HIFIMAN products. It features a sticker strip featuring an image of the product, its name, and company branding. 

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Inside, you will find the following items included in the package: 

  • Ananda Nano Headphones
  • Detachable 3.5mm cable
  • Hard-shell carrying case
  • Quarter-inch adapter

HIFIMAN Ananda Nano Review – Design and Functionality

The Ananda Nano headphones come equipped with the innovative Stealth Magnet technology of HIFIMAN. It effectively decreases interference and optimises the level of detail compared to its previous model. 

Inspired by the high-end Susvara model, the Ananda Nano also incorporates the latest nanometer diaphragm. This advanced element delivers improvements, including decreased noise, faster response times, enhanced dynamic range, and superior resolution.

When it comes to fit, the headphones maintain the comfortable feel of their predecessor. It offers a slightly firmer clamping force for a more secure fit.

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The earpads of the Ananda Nano are standard to products from HIFIMAN. Its memory foam is sheathed in synthetic leather and nylon, making them breathable and comfortable. 

The ear cups of the Ananda Nano provide a gentle and snug fit that envelops the entire ear. Its padding rests comfortably on the head to provide comfort along the jawline.

For a lightweight feel, the Ananda Nano uses a suspension headband design. It features a metal bracket and a fixed suspension strip made of synthetic leather. 

The adjustment mechanism has notched sliders on the yokes, allowing easy customisation. This design effectively distributes the weight of the headphones and ensures a comfortable fit.

Additionally, we appreciate that HiFiMAN has included a carrying case with the Ananda Nano. The foam headphone stands included with HIFIMAN headphones in this price range are typically underwhelming. Therefore, we like that the company provided us with a useful accessory. 

Key Features of the HIFIMAN Ananda Nano

Are these headphones better than other models from the Ananda series? Our HIFIMAN Ananda Nano Review discusses the product features to determine why it is worth purchasing.

Planar Sounds Better

Planar headphones have an evenly distributed voice coil/conductor layer on the diaphragm. As a result, the electromagnetic force that causes the vibration and sound production of the diaphragm is more uniform. Also, it has lower phase distortion, unlike headphones with a voice coil on the cone-type diaphragm.

Aside from lower distortion and uniform electromagnetic force, the spatial information of the audio reproduction has less loss. It also provides a broader soundstage and improved positioning than dynamic headphones.

With all these changes combined, the Ananda Nano offers a broad frequency range of 5Hz to 55kHz. Its three-dimensional sound field wraps around your ears, while the imaging and positioning of musical instruments are precise.

A Revision with Stealth Magnets

HIFIMAN initially designed the Stealth Magnet for the SUSVARA, but it is now part of the Ananda Nano. It is a recognised design since sound waves can go through magnets without interference. 

This transparent magnet design reduces wave diffraction turbulence, decreasing the integrity of sound waves. Also, the reduced distortion produces accurate, full-range pure sonic output.

Ready to Drive with Any Portable Device

The Ananda Nano can drive any smartphone or portable audio device with high sensitivity. It has low distortion and superior sound quality, which we will discuss later in our HIFIMAN Ananda Nano Review.

New Hybrid Design

The new hybrid headband design of the Ananda Nano weighs evenly along the strap, making it highly comfortable. As a result, you can wear it for long periods without feeling any discomfort. These headphones also have a metal ear cup holder for increased durability.


  • Frequency Response: 5Hz-55kHz
  • Impedance: 14 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 94 dB
  • Weight: 419g

Hands-on with the HIFIMAN Ananda Nano 

We tested the product to share our user experience in this HIFIMAN Ananda Nano Review. Here, we will get into detail and discuss the audio quality of these headphones.

The Ananda Nano may not have the same expansion as the original model; however, the product has great sharpness and precision. These characteristics are most noticeable in the layering and placement of instruments.

The headphones offer a slightly punchy bass and focus on the mids and highs. Also, these have a powerful soundstage.

Although the soundstage may not be exceptionally expansive, the imaging is flawlessly organised. It allowed distant instruments to maintain their intricate resolution. 

The bass may not be highly emphasised, but it has excellent clarity on the Ananda Nano. It does not give excess rumble, but the sound does not feel lacking. It has a good amount of sub-bass that balances the overall audio quality.

These headphones offer structured bass that adds shape and fills the tone to the low frequencies. Plus, it delivers bass instruments with clarity and depth that complements a silky smooth surface for the timbre.

The mids of the Ananda Nano has a touch of warmth. These headphones also provide the most natural timbre compared to other versions of the Ananda. It has an excellent instrumental balance evenly distributed throughout the frequency response, allowing each instrument to take form.

The sound signature of the Nano has a defined smoothness with top-notch detail.

While testing this product for our HIFIMAN Ananda Nano Review, we noticed its balanced highs that suited the tuning. It also has some extension and air but is not as spacious as other HIFIMAN headphones.

Like most HIFIMAN headphones, the Ananda Nano delivers a consistent, colourful timbre without being overly bright, which is appealing. Its highs are pleasant, enhancing music, thanks to its high-end expansion. Plus, the headphones offer crisp, treble artefacts and a mild sizzle to consistency on the instruments. 

HIFIMAN Ananda Nano Review Summary

With the Ananda Nano, HIFIMAN increased the dynamic vibe from the original Ananda. The low-mid presence of these headphones adds extra energy and snap in the treble, which results in smooth sounds. Also, it keeps the audio cohesive and refined, balancing liveliness and fluidity.

With these characteristics combined, you get the most multidimensional soundstage. To sum it up, these headphones deliver an engaging and satisfying listening experience. We enjoyed its audio quality while testing the product for our HIFIMAN Ananda Nano Review.

The Ananda Nano from HIFIMAN is an impressive pair of over-ear headphones offering excellent value for money. Plus, it delivers higher-quality audio at a more affordable price than the previous versions of Ananda. We highly recommend this product to anyone who wants top-notch audio that costs less than high-end headphones. 

Learn more about the Ananda Nano when you visit the official product page of HIFIMAN.