spons142 23 How Important is Crossplay in Modern Gaming?

How Important is Crossplay in Modern Gaming?

More and more 8th and 9th-generation game developers have started offering crossplay functionalities to the players of their products. Allowing cross-platform or cross-generation solo and multiplayer gameplay provides a lot more accessibility and makes games more user-friendly. Players who have not had the opportunity or the ability to purchase 9th-generation gaming hardware can easily participate in activities with those who have. This is ground-breaking, and it makes video gaming a lot easier, especially when it comes to games where players may rely on others in order to complete a mission or in order to get to experience everything the title has to offer.

From FPS to Fighting and from e-Sports to Role-Playing Games

Crossplay can really improve the social aspect of video gaming. A gamer playing Mortal Kombat 11 on a PC can enjoy their gaming experience with a friend using a PlayStation. The same applies to players using hardware that was developed during different generations. There are certain limitations of course, as crossplay for MK11 is not available between Xbox and Switch or PlayStation and Stadia, but there are other alternatives that can actually work.

Does Gaming Have to Be so Complicated?

Gaming is a fun activity, which people turn to in order to decompress and because of that, it does not have to be rocket science or overcomplicated. There are gaming alternatives where all it takes to play is a click of a button. For example, online casino fans enjoy games like Funky Monkey because they are simple and because they do not require much thought. Players do not have to think about crossplay functionalities, gaming generations and multiplayer activities. All one needs to do is to pick the amount they want to wager and then click on the spin button.

What About Those Who Want Modern Gaming Features Such as Crossplay?

Crossplay is still at the first stages of its development, but it has already made a difference in the world of gaming. The transition from the 8th to the 9th generation of gaming has become easier because of cross-gen functionalities. For example, players who started Nioh or Nioh 2 on a PlayStation 4 could continue their gaming journey on a PS5 from the exact point they left it while playing the game on their older console. The same applies to Final Fantasy 7 Remake and many other titles, where the gameplay can last for hundreds of hours. Cross-saving has made things much easier and if it is hard for a younger player to understand how important this is, then it would be worth asking an older player how it felt when they switched from a PS3 to a PS4.

Games Offering Multiplayer Functionalities Must Allow for More Cross-platform Play

It is no secret that gaming manufacturers want players to purchase their product instead of the product marketed by their competition and because of that, they make certain things harder for the players. Crossplay is one of the things affected by the competition between tech giants. Games such as the upcoming Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is going to sell millions of copies and it is going to be played on multiple gaming environments. Multi-playing will be key in enjoying the game to the fullest, but for the time being, manufacturers like Microsoft and Sony are not willing to allow cross-platform gaming for Wo Long. This is a pity of course, as allowing crossplay for this game could have been a great way of showing players that the experience of video gaming is more important than the competition between two manufacturers.

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