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JBL Live Pro 2 TWS Review

Today we are writing our JBL Live Pro 2 TWS Review to discuss the Live Pro 2 TWS. From the JBL Live Pro+, this current pair of earbuds feature new upgrades and excellent specifications.

The product is on the pricier side of the affordable category. But with its collection of features, these earbuds are worth the price. Some offerings include wireless charging, Adaptive ANC, FindMyEarbuds, etc.

In our JBL Live Pro 2 TWS Review, you will find everything you need to know about the product. You will learn all the vital details, from its design, functions, features, and specifications to how it performs and sounds.

JBL Live Pro 2 TWS Packaging

Our earbuds shipped in the standard-looking JBL package, which sports a white theme with hints of red. The front displays an image of the earbuds, their case, and the company branding and product name. Some of its features are also in this area. 

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The sides and rear of the box have additional information about the product, which you can refer to whenever necessary. 

After inspecting the exterior, we immediately unboxed the product for our JBL Live Pro 2 TWS Review. Inside, the Live Pro 2 TWS shipped with extras like a Type-C USB charging cable and a charging case. You will also find ear tips in three different sizes, a warranty/warning card, plus a quick start guide.

JBL Live Pro 2 TWS Review – Design and Functionality

Our JBL Live Pro 2 TWS Review will also focus on the functions and design of the earbuds. This pair sports a stem-style form and is available in an attractive metallic finish. We have the black variant, but you can choose from other colours like pink or blue. 

Earlier, we mentioned that JBL included three pairs of ear tips in the package. These sizes include small, medium, and large, which are perfect to guarantee a perfect fit in your ears. 

Internally, the earbuds have 11mm dynamic drivers that work by delivering a 20Hz to 20kHz frequency range. The outer portion of each earpiece sports a capacitive touch panel to make it easier to operate. However, we noticed a few delays between actions and taps in our tests. 

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One tap on the left bud lets you switch from ANC to Ambient Modes. Double tapping it will enable the TalkThru mode. 

One tap on the right earbud will handle the music playback, while double taps let you skip tracks forward. Doing a triple tap will take you to the previous song.

When you double tap on either bud, it will accept incoming calls and end current calls. However, making a long press on either bud will toggle the mute function of the microphone on calls. Additionally, it will summon your voice assistant.

Clam-shell Case of the JBL Live Pro 2 TWS

The earbuds come with a medium-sized clam-shell case that is easy to open due to its grip-friendly exterior. This case sports a status LED along its lid and functions by displaying its remaining battery life. 

There is also a USB-C port on the rear for the USB-A to C charging cable in the box. Moreover, this case even supports wireless charging with the Qi standard, which is convenient, in our opinion.

Key Features of the JBL Live Pro 2 TWS

Let us continue our JBL Live Pro 2 TWS Review by discussing each feature these earbuds offer.

The JBL Signature Sound

Beating clear-sounding music and calls from 11mm dynamic drivers powered via JBL Signature Sound is difficult. It even comes with True ANC, which adjusts to your environment to remove distractions for enhanced sounds. 

For the Smart Ambient feature, use it when you need to focus your attention on the environment. And the good thing about it is you do not have to remove the earbuds.

40 Hours of Music Playback + Wireless Charging

You will never miss moments with 40 hours of music playback. These earbuds are Qi-compatible, allowing you to enjoy 30 hours of music. You can also get 10 hours from the earbuds, giving you 40 hours overall. 

For a boost, you only need a quick 15-minute Speed Charge to give you an additional four hours of playtime.

Six Microphones for Perfect Calls and Zero Noise 

These earbuds sport six beamforming mics that decrease wind and noise interference. This feature will always keep your words loud and clear.

With VoiceAware, choose how much you can hear your vocals by managing mic input routed to your earbuds.

Oval Tubes for Bass, Comfort, and Isolation

The Oval Tubes on these earbuds provide better shape, sound, and comfort. It even sports oval silicone tips to offer a snug and perfect fit. 

Its stick-closed style + Oval Tubes guarantee better noise cancellation and improved audio quality for people who prefer cleaner aesthetics. 

Dual Connect + Sync with Multi-Point Connection

If you need to answer a call in the middle of your favourite show, there is no problem. You can immediately switch your earbud input from one Bluetooth device to another.

Plus, you can enjoy quick and effortless pairing using any Android product while shifting between mono & stereo and left/right or both earbuds.

Touch & Voice Controls

Activate the feature of these earbuds easily with the help of touch controls. Or, you can speak to activate Google or Alexa. 

IPX5 Water Resistant

It does not matter if you are hitting the gym or jogging in the rain. The Live Pro 2 TWS is IPX5 water-resistant, so do not worry about the buds getting damaged.


To continue our JBL Live Pro 2 TWS Review, let us discuss the specifications of the Live Pro 2 TWS. It uses an 11mm Dynamic Driver with a 5V 1A power supply. Each earbud weighs 4.8g, while its charging case is 48.4g.

The battery used for the earbuds is a lithium-ion type, and it charges a total of two hours from empty. For wireless charging, it takes four hours.

With Bluetooth switched on and ANC off, music playtime with the earbuds lasts up to 10 hours. With Bluetooth and ANC switched on, music playtime lasts for eight hours. 

When you choose to have Bluetooth and True Adaptive ANC on, you can listen to music for six hours. 

The Live Pro 2 TWS has a 20Hz to 20kHz frequency response and an impedance of 16 Ohm. Sensitivity is at 105dB SPL @1kHz while its total SPL is 93dB. 

There are six microphones on the earbuds, and they have a -39dBV / Pa@1kHz of sensitivity. 

JBL used Bluetooth 5.2 for the earbuds. Also, it has an A2DP V1.3, AVRCP V1.6, and HFP V1.7 Bluetooth profile.

Its Bluetooth transmitter frequency ranges from 2.4GHz to 2.4835GHz, while transmitter power is less than 12dBm EIRP. The Bluetooth transmitter modulation offers GFSK, π/4 QPSK, and 8DPSK. Lastly, the earbuds operate at 45 degrees Celsius.

Hands-on with the JBL Live Pro 2 TWS

We tested the earbuds for a week to see how well (or not) they performed. So, we will share our experience in this JBL Live Pro 2 TWS Review. Before we discuss its performance, we share some details about the JBL app.

The JBL Headphones App continues to upgrade and improve to offer more than basic settings and updates. On the main screen, it shows the current battery life of each bud. 

Plus, you can use it to switch off the earbuds. It is handy if you cannot access its charging case and want to save on power. 

An ANC section is available for enabling ANC, Ambient Aware, and TalkThru modes. It is also where you switch off ANC entirely.

Leakage Compensation is another option that allows adjusting ANC if audio leaks out. We suggest trying the Ear Canal Compensation feature to scan your ear canal to prevent such issues. 

If there are no differences after feature activation, the default ANC setting is ideal for your ears. 

The app has an EQ section that can be switched on/off. It comes with adjustable presets, and you can even make new presets with 20 bands ranging from 32Hz to 16kHz.

The Smart Audio and Video feature decreases transmission latency for enhanced video streaming. With this app, you can choose what single/double taps function for each earpiece. You can also select from presets like ANC, Ambient sound controls, etc. 

Each of the presets assigns pre-configured controls for single/double presses. 

Other in-app features include Auto-Play and Pause, VoiceAward Mode, Voice Assistant set-up, Voice Prompts, and Check My Best Fit. It even comes with Find My Buds and a Power Saving mode. 

For devices using Android 6 and higher, enabling hands-free Google Assistant or Alexa is possible.

While inspecting the earbuds for our JBL Live Pro 2 TWS Review, we saw it sporting a v-shaped sound profile. It is an excellent addition to the product since it provides extra rumble, thump, and boom to mixes. And for lead instruments and vocals, these appeared bright. 

We were thrilled with its sound quality, and because of its 11m drivers, the audio was clear, crisp and bass-filled. Its sound was already powerful without us tinkering with the EQ, and the audio improved when we did.

The consistency of its frequency response was excellent, considering we had a perfect fit and seal using the provided tips. Additionally, we received consistent treble and bass delivery every time we utilised them.

The Live Pro 2 TWS have excellent bass accuracy overemphasised across the range. So, our mixes had intense rumble, thump, and boom, which made the earbuds ideal for hip-hop, EDM, and other similar genres. 

The bass did not muddy highs and mids. The earbuds even offered a great mix to make the audio better. We tried various music genres, and the Oval Tubes offered an immersive and enjoyable listening experience. 

Mid-accuracy was perfect, and because of its little bump at the high-mids, vocals and lead instruments became more intense. The range was well-balanced and flat, so these sounded clear and present in mixes. 

The treble accuracy of the Live Pro 2 TWS was good with its response overemphasised response. It gave us detailed lead instruments, vocals, plus bright sibilants to enjoy.

ANC was automatic and intuitive, so the earbuds adjusted to our surroundings without us having to tinker with the product. The Ambient Aware feature also worked how it should. This feature allowed us to hear our surroundings even if we did not remove the earbuds.

JBL Live Pro 2 TWS Review Summary

If you are still thinking if purchasing these earbuds is necessary, first consider their price. These come close to $150, which is not an unusual price range for wireless earbuds. 

The thing to consider next is its battery life, noise cancellation features, and sound quality. These are all essential for ultimate music listening, so we think these earbuds are worth the price. 

But since these products are personal, the worth of a pair of earbuds depends on your needs and preferences. If immersing in your favourite tunes and listening uninterrupted is essential, the Live Pro 2 TWS is a no-brainer.

To get more in-depth with the Live Pro 2 TWS earbuds, visit the official website of JBL for more details.