Logitech MX Vertical Review

Logitech MX Vertical Review

The computer mouse is a peripheral that’s been around for ages, and it remained the same since then. Because of this, the conventional mouse’s shape became an issue for those suffering from carpal tunnel, muscle strain, and more. Our Logitech MX Vertical review focuses on a mouse that is breaking away from trends and doing something a little different.

To solve the issues experienced by computer users, manufacturers produced the vertical mouse. It’s a functional mouse designed to help address specific conditions but lacks the features of modern mice.

The MX Vertical is an innovative mouse that combines MX Series’ enhanced performance and ergonomics for reducing strain & pressure. With this mouse, you can have better hand position to prevent discomfort, muscle strain, and wrist pressure.

Logitech MX Vertical Packaging

The Logitech MX Vertical arrived in a simple yet premium-looking box. On its front, you will see the image of the mouse itself. Above the image, you will find the product’s name and a small picture showing its primary feature, the ergonomic 57-degree angle, while the company’s name is below the mouse.

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At the back of the package, you will see instructions on how you should hold the mouse. Aside from that, you will also find the key features and other vital information about the product.

When you open the box, you will find the Logitech MX Vertical. It also includes a unifying receiver, a USB Type-A to Type-C charging cable, and the user documentation.

Now, let’s talk about the mouse itself on the next part of our Logitech MX Vertical review.

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Logitech MX Vertical Review – Design and Functionality

The MX Vertical’s design is for simulating a natural handshake gesture, an ideal position to reduce muscle fatigue and strain. The company considered a variety of shapes before coming up with this final appearance for the MX Vertical.

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Now, for the appearance of the mouse, it’s angled at 57° to release pressure adequately. The mouse features a soft-touch material, and its back part curves into your palm with a wave pattern.

When it comes to its functions, the mouse still has everything at your fingertips. These include the right and left buttons, three extra programmable buttons, and a scroll wheel.

Two buttons are located on the left side while the right sports two split mouse buttons. These are where the ring and other fingers rest naturally. You’ll also find a notched and rubberized scroll wheel on the mouse topped with a metallic plate. This portion also holds the DPI switch button.

The front of the MX Vertical houses a USB-C port. It’s for charging the integrated battery or for utilizing the mouse with a wired connection. A button at the base allows for immediate switching between three various wireless connections.

Next up on our Logitech MX Vertical review are its features.

Key Features of the Logitech MX Vertical

This part of our Logitech MX Vertical review will focus on the unique features of the mouse.

Natural Handshake Position

The natural handshake position of the mouse decreases muscle strain by 10%, thus, promoting an ergonomic position.

57° Vertical Angle for Better Wrist Positioning

This distinct 57° vertical angle lessens the pressure on the wrist. It allows the thumb to sit comfortably on the thumb rest for better comfort.

Tested and Approved

Designed and tested with criteria set by professionals, the mouse improves hand positions, decreasing muscle strains and wrist pressure.

Reduced Hand Movements

With the MX Vertical’s dedicated cursor speed switch and advanced optical tracking, your hands’ movement reduces by four times. As a result, you will experience less hand and muscle fatigue. You can customize the accuracy and speed of the cursor via Logitech Options.

Comfortable Shape and Textured Surface

The unique form of the MX Vertical fits all hand shapes and sizes. Its body has a textured rubber surface to keep it smooth while assuring a natural and firm grip.

Enhanced Performance

The MX Vertical is for those who want to do more efficiently. With Logitech Flow, you can manage multiple computers, customize buttons, as well as set specific functions for certain apps. The mouse’s cursor speed is adjustable through Logitech Options software.

Fast Recharging

On a full charge, the MX Vertical lasts up to four months. A minute of quick charge with the USB-C cable gives you three hours of use.

Three Ways to Connect

You can connect the MX Vertical via the USB Type-C cable, Bluetooth, or the unifying receiver. Keep your computer’s OS upgraded for the best experience with Bluetooth connection.


This portion of our Logitech MX Vertical review consists of the technical specifications of the mouse.

First is the dimensions of the product. The MX Vertical is 78.5mm (H) x 79mm (W) x 120mm (D) and has a total weight of 135g. The unifying receiver measures 18.4mm (H) x 14.4mm (W) x 6.6mm (D) and weighs 2g in total.

The sensor of the Logitech MX Vertical has a nominal value of 1000 and 1600 DPI. Its DPI ranges from 400 to 4000 dpi which you can set to increments of 50 DPI.

The mouse sports a rechargeable 240mAh Lithium Polymer battery with a 10m wireless operating distance. What’s more, Logitech included a one-year limited hardware warranty for convenience.

Up next on our Logitech MX Vertical review is all about working with the mouse and how it performs.

Hands on With the Logitech MX Vertical

Let’s get hands-on with the mouse in this section of our Logitech MX Vertical review.

We’ve tried using the MX Vertical for more than a week to see how it fares. Surprisingly, it decreased the amount of wrist discomfort and wrist strain which was great.

As mentioned earlier, one of the features of the MX Vertical is the three ways to connect to a computer. While using the wireless connection, we didn’t notice lags, and we didn’t experience latency issues. Switching the mouse between three devices was easy since the connection was smooth, and it performed excellently.

Since it doesn’t sport a design for high-performance gaming, the mouse’s sensor doesn’t have a ton of specs. Rated between 400 and 4,000 CPI, the MX Vertical doesn’t match higher models with 16,000 CPI pointers. Despite that, this mouse still delivers high levels of precision, and its sensitivity is more than enough.

Logitech Options Software

The MX Vertical uses Logitech Options for adjusting laser sensitivity, custom button binds, and for configuring the Flow Management Software.

You can rebound the two thumb buttons and the middle click wheel button to any keyboard function. You can also choose from Logitech’s mouse gestures, and Windows’ functions like zoom or volume.

If you’ve already utilized a gaming mouse, you’re likely familiar with the on-the-fly DPI switching. These are buttons that immediately switch your sensor’s sensitivity from low to high. One press of the top button switches the mouse from low to high DPI modes. It only comes in two options at max, but the magic happens when you press and hold the button.

Once you do, a Window appears on your desktop and will take control of the mouse’s cursor. Move the MX Vertical to the left and the DPI sensitivity drops for better precision. Shifting it to the right increases it, hence, covering more desktop space with every movement. You can make adjustments anytime, via any program, and for either high or low settings.

It’s a great function, especially if you always need to make adjustments. This software feature is one of the best for this mouse. It’s also a highlight of hardware and software design working simultaneously.

Just remember that you’ll need the software to make this work. You won’t be able to utilize this adjustment trick if you link to your PC without the Options program. However, it does work via wireless USB or Bluetooth.

Logitech MX Vertical Review Summary

The Logitech MX Vertical is an exceptional mouse. It has a great appearance, it provides comfort during use, and it delivers excellent performance. The on-the-fly sensitivity customization feature is a turning point that is something to expect on newer models in the future. Combining its ergonomic design, appearance, and performance, this mouse is one of the best products in the market today.

Although this mouse will take some adjustments, the Logitech MX Vertical will improve the way you usually use your mouse. It’s an efficient device that enhances users’ productivity while simultaneously preventing strain and fatigue.

To conclude our Logitech MX Vertical review, we highly recommend this mouse from Logitech. It’s the perfect model for those who experience chronic pain, muscle fatigue wrist strain, and similar issues while at work. In fact, the mouse is not only for those who suffer from these issues. It’s also easy for us to recommend this to others so they can prevent these problems in the future.

If you want the Logitech MX Vertical, you can purchase this from the company’s official website.