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Mountain Makalu 67 Gaming Mouse Review

In today’s MOUNTAIN Makalu 67 Gaming Mouse review, we’re checking out this lightweight gaming mouse from MOUNTAIN.

The Makalu 67 is an ideal product for competitive gamers who want a lightweight mouse with uncompromised performance. It uses the PAW3370 sensor from PixArt and has up to 19,000 DPI too. Its distinct ribcage design makes it an eye-catcher, and it only weighs 67g for easier movement and glide. 

In this MOUNTAIN Makalu 67 Gaming Mouse review, we’re reviewing the white-coloured version of this mouse. If you’re not into this shade, don’t worry since MOUNTAIN also sells it in black.  

Mountain Makalu 67 Gaming Mouse Packaging

We liked the whole idea of the package having just a full black front to keep the minimalist feel. And at the centre of the box, you’ll find “Reach Your Summit” written. Then, the company’s branding can be found in the lower-right corner. 

When you look at the sides of the package, things get a little different here. The all-black theme is replaced with a royal blue background, and you’ll find some details about the product too. 

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Then flipping the box, the rear displays more information about the Makalu 67 such as its key features. There are also images of the mouse in different angles to showcase some of its parts. 

This is actually the first time we’re seeing the Makalu 67 for this MOUNTAIN Makalu 67 Gaming Mouse review. That’s because most gaming mice’s packaging has the product displayed in front. 

Opening the box, we can see the mouse placed in its own space. It’s surrounded by foam to ensure that it stays safe during delivery. 

The top of the box’s cover displays a quick note from the company. And behind it is a pocket that holds the user guide included in the package.  

Aside from the mouse and the guide, you’ll find additional PTFE skates inside. It’s kept in the space just above the slot where the Makalu 67 is set. 

Mountain Makalu 67 Gaming Mouse Review – Design and Functionality

We’re also discussing the functions and design of the mouse in our MOUNTAIN Makalu 67 Gaming Mouse review. The Makalu 67 shifts away from the usual honeycomb design and instead, MOUNTAIN opted for a nice ribcage style. It features six angled lines that run across the shell. 

It’s an extremely lightweight mouse at just 67g and it’s all thanks to the design and its full plastic build. The material itself has a nice smooth matte coating to create a surface that doesn’t attract fingerprints. 

The mouse is better for people with larger hands since it’s quite tall at 42mm. When it comes to its shape and form, the Makalu 67 is designed for right-handed gamers.

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Despite its size, the mouse doesn’t really have an aggressive shape. So, this balance makes it work efficiently for palm and claw grips. Plus, its overall style and build make it one of the most comfortable, lightweight, and ergonomic mice around. 

Additionally, the mouse also has high-quality and slightly big Teflon feet which allows easy gliding and movement across surfaces. You can easily remove the feet since there are little indentations next to them. And even if these will last a long time, MOUNTAIN still includes replacement feet for your convenience.

Buttons, Scroll Wheel, and Switches

The primary clickers, side buttons, and the scroll wheel gives off an excellent feel to them. The main ones utilise Omron D2FC-FK switches and feature extremely low post and pre-travel distance. Plus, it has a fairly loud and nice sound to it.

The side buttons are shaped nicely and they’re coloured differently from the rest of the mouse. Plus, these side buttons also protrude slightly which is good since you can feel them while gaming. Additionally, they’re both easy to access with your thumb. 

Since we want to give you a detailed MOUNTAIN Makalu 67 Gaming Mouse review, we also checked its scroll wheel. Technically, it’s pretty much like the side buttons since it feels smooth and tactile. 

The best part of the Makalu 67 is its top section along with the scroll wheel. This is where you can find the DPI button that lets you cycle between different settings. 

There are four little LED indicators that will show which DPI settings you’re using. You don’t need to touch the Makalu 67 or even bother looking into the software to know. 

Braided Cable

Then for its braided cable, it’s long enough at 1.8m and is extremely light just like the mouse. Do note that the cable is quite similar to those on some Glorious models. So, you actually end up thinking and feeling that the mouse is a wireless one because of the light weight. 

Key Features of the Mountain Makalu 67 Gaming Mouse

Let’s continue our MOUNTAIN Makalu 67 Gaming Mouse review and see the key elements that make it a great product. 

Lightweight Rib Cage Design

The Makalu 67 is a lightweight gaming mouse that’s moulded to be strong without needing a subframe. It has the weight of a small mouse and the form factor of mice for medium to large hands. 

A First in Sensor Technology

The Makalu 67 is the world’s first mouse to use the latest PAW3370 sensor with DPI levels reaching up to 19,000. This offers very low lift-off distance of 1 to 2mm and 50% lower error rate compared to the PW3389,

Visible Control

With the dedicated DPI button and four indicator LEDs, you won’t lose sight and control of your DPI settings. Using the Base Camp software, you can configure up to five DPI settings between 100 and 19,000. When you finish configuring your settings, these can be saved to the Makalu 67 for easy on-the-go setup.

Long-lasting Clicks

The Makalu 67 is equipped with industry-leading Omron switches that are rated at 50 million clicks to ensure longevity. It’s optimised to prevent double-clicking and also uses a Japanese ALPS encoder for crisp and satisfying wheel performance.


The Makalu 67 has individual RGB lighting that you can customise with 16.7M colours and numerous RGB modes. Create stunning effects on the Base Camp app, or switch from one preset to another with the hotkeys. This gaming mouse also supports Razer Chroma RGB for more synchronisation with other peripherals connected to your system.

Staying Cool Under Pressure

With water-repellent PCB coating, the Makalu 67 is definitely a durable mouse that’s easy to clean. With the ribcage design, it allows for airflow inside the mouse.

Flexible Cable

The Mountain Lifeline cable is light and flexible enough for you to forget that it’s there. With that, you can use a zero-latency wired mouse that feels like a wireless mouse.

No Drags

The 100% PTFE mouse feet offer smooth gliding. If these get worn after overuse, you can easily remove and replace these.


Aside from the design and features, we also checked the product’s specifications for this MOUNTAIN Makalu 67 Gaming Mouse review. 

The Makalu 67 uses a PixArt PAW3370 sensor and a Japanese ALPS encoder. Its maximum DPI is 19,000 while LOD (Lift-off Distance) is 1-2mm. 

This product has a 50g tracking speed, a total of six buttons, and sports a claw/palm grip. Since it’s a gaming mouse, you’ll find RGB backlights on the Makalu 67. Additionally, it has a 1,000Hz/1ms polling rate and the Cortex Mo MCU. 

This gaming mouse has a USB Type-A connector, So if you’re wondering how long its cable is, it measures 1.8m. 

We love its grip and it measures 127 x 70.2 x 42.2mm (LxWxH). The specific measurement helps keep our hold on the mouse nice and comfy even when we game for hours. Additionally, it weighs just 67g, so gliding on surfaces is much easier too. 

MOUNTAIN gave it a total of five profiles for its onboard memory; plus, it also supports the Base Camp software. Just note that it’s only compatible with Windows.

Then, the mouse sports Omron 50m micro switches (L+R) too. 

Lastly, MOUNTAIN made sure to include a 2-year warranty for the Makalu 67 which we think is pretty convenient. 

Hands-on with the Mountain Makalu 67 Gaming Mouse 

This is the most vital part of our MOUNTAIN Makalu 67 Gaming Mouse review since we’re sharing how it performed.

Throughout our tests, the mouse’s sensor remained accurate. For arm aimers who experience some issues with their mice, they won’t have any of this with the Makalu 67.

Why? Because no matter how quickly we swiped the mouse on our desk, we never experienced any tilt deviations or slams. 

And after playing a couple of FPS games, we didn’t have any complaints or issues with the mouse. We felt comfortable with the 4,000 DPI range, and the gameplay was smooth and seamless. 

We found the Makalu 67 really useful and comfortable for gaming, editing images, and other tasks. As for the DPI range, it was easiest to use when set anywhere between 3,000 and 5,000.

The overall performance of the mouse was enhanced by the large 100% PTFE feet. These felt completely smooth which allowed us to glide the mouse easily during general use and gaming.

Mountain Makalu 67 Gaming Mouse Review Summary

Out of all lightweight mice that feature perforated shells, the Makalu 67 is the best-looking one we’ve seen. And what’s impressive is, that it offers more than just aesthetics.

This gaming mouse from MOUNTAIN has a highly accurate sensor and responsive switches, making it enjoyable to use. With its lightweight cable and rib cage design, our gaming performance significantly improved.

Overall, the Makalu 67 is an amazing optical mouse with superior features, design, and performance. And when you consider the price, it’s an absolutely great deal.

To know more about the Makalu 67 Gaming Mouse, check out MOUNTAIN’s official product page for more details.