nzxt lift banner NZXT Lift Gaming Mouse Review

NZXT Lift Gaming Mouse Review

March of this year, NZXT released their customisable and lightweight Lift Gaming Mouse. It’s a product we’ll be focusing on in this NZXT Lift Gaming Mouse review where we’ll tackle everything about it.  

The product is a lightweight and customisable mouse that features macro-mappable buttons, as well as a collection of RGB lighting options. The mouse was launched together with NZXT’s very first mechanical keyboard, the NZXT Function, and it’s also focused on aesthetics. 

Aside from it being stylish and lightweight, the Lift gaming mouse is ambidextrous. Plus, it supports the company’s CAM software which is for managing everything: from programmable buttons to subtle RGB lights. 

It’s a product coming from a trusted name, so we won’t be surprised if you’ve gotten interested in this mouse. To know more about its features, specifications, design, and more, continue reading our NZXT Lift Gaming Mouse review.

NZXT Lift Gaming Mouse Packaging

We were delighted when our package arrived in the mail since it only meant we could start checking out and testing the product. The cardboard box the mouse was in looked really premium and sophisticated which truly shows NZXT’s knack for aesthetics. 

We mentioned earlier in this NZXT Lift Gaming Mouse review that the mouse was all about style and being lightweight. So, we found it pretty cool that the company was consistent in showing off their aesthetics by offering a cool-looking and stylish package. 

nzxt mouse review5 NZXT Lift Gaming Mouse Review

The box sports a white and violet theme which is quite pleasing to the eyes. The front displays an image of the mouse at the centre. 

Here, you either get a black or white one depending on what you purchased. In our case, our box displayed a sleek-looking black mouse with yellow accents. Above the image, you’ll find the name of the mouse as well as some information about it. 

Flipping the box, the rear gives you the different features of the mouse. So, you can check these out first if you’re purchasing the product from a physical store. 

Inside, the gaming mouse is hard-wired and ready for use, it also comes with documentation for reference.  

NZXT Lift Gaming Mouse Review – Design and Functionality

The design of this mouse is what makes it stand out from the crowd. So, we’re focusing on its style and functions in this part of our NZXT Lift Gaming Mouse review. 

Its black body looks great while the yellow accents add more charm to it. There are other colours you can go for if yellow isn’t your thing. These are blue, red, purple, or cyan.

Its range of colours makes it easier and more fun to match the mouse with your PC case, keyboard, etc. Speaking of colours, the Lift gaming mouse has two RGB underglow lighting on each side of the mouse. These make a light and subtle shadow on your mousepad which can appear very sharp when configured properly. 

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You can configure and manage these via NZXT’s custom lighting software, NZXT CAM. 

When it comes to the logo, we like the company’s under-the-radar logo on the rear portion of the mouse’s body. There’s also only under the left button which we find quite nice. 

It’s actually much better, in our opinion, since some manufacturers set their logos in front/centre of their mouse. This way of positioning disrupts the whole design pattern, and it’s completely different with the Lift. 

Additionally, the bottom portion of the mouse sports two big slipmats as well, helping the mouse glide smoothly. 

Buttons and Switches

These are elements of the mouse that we can’t miss out on in this NZXT Lift Gaming Mouse review. The two main clickers of the Lift gaming mouse use OMRON switches. It also has a textured mouse wheel, DPI switch, and two side buttons.

When you scroll through pre-configured DPI profiles, its lighting will briefly display the respective profile colours. This will occur before it returns to its original effects and colour. 

Using the OMRON switches for primary buttons, NZXT ensured that the main input of the LIft felt durable and premium. Though its two side buttons didn’t feel the same way, it was fine since we don’t usually bother with these. 

USB Cable and Glide Pads

The Lift comes with a braided USB cable that will not cause delays in your movements. With the help of the large glide pads, you’re sure to enjoy swift and accurate in-game performance.

Key Features of the NZXT Lift Gaming Mouse

What makes this product better than its competition? We’ll discuss the product’s key features in our NZXT Lift Gaming Mouse review.

Lightweight Design

The Lift gaming mouse only weighs a total of 67g, allowing for movements with speed and accuracy. As a result, you can perform better in-game and enjoy playing with less hand fatigue. 

It also has an ambidextrous design so any gamer can use this mouse. The Lift is truly designed for a personalised gaming experience.

Ready for Gaming with High-end Optical Sensor

With up to 16,000 DPI, the Lift gaming mouse offers high-speed tracking and accuracy.

Mechanical Switch Buttons

The Omron mechanical switches provide long-lasting durability to withstand the most intense gaming sessions.

Control and Customise Your Mouse

Through NZXT’s CAM software, you can customise the Lift’s RGB and button macros. You can also create profiles for instant switching of polling rate, DPI, and lift-off height.

High-speed Tracking

The high-end PixArt 3389 optical sensor increases accuracy and high-speed tracking with a 16K resolution. This gives you the competitive advantage you need in the most challenging battles and missions.

Minimal Drag

The paracord cable of the Lift gaming mouse provides minimal drag, resulting in unrestricted movement. It offers smoother and better in-game performance.


This mouse has a number of specifications which we’ll share with you here in our NZXT Lift Gaming Mouse review

The Lift gaming mouse measures 126.8 x 67.23 x 38.35mm and weighs 67g. For its cable, it’s 2m long and is made of paracord sheath. Additionally, it uses a USB 2.0 connection.

This mouse sports PixArt’s 3389 sensor that has a maximum of 16,000 DPI levels. Its polling rate is 500Hz and 1,000Hz, then it makes use of OMRON mechanical switches. These are rated for over 20 million keypresses.

For its onboard memory, you can use up to four customisable profiles which can be set via NZXT’s CAM software. To use the Lift gaming mouse and CAM software, you’ll need a PC that works on Windows 10 or 11.

The Lift gaming mouse comes with a two-year limited warranty.

Hands-on with the NZXT Lift Gaming Mouse 

This is where things get more interesting. We tested the mouse for over a week, so we’re sharing our experience in this NZXT Lift Gaming Mouse review. But before discussing its performance, let’s focus on its software first.

In our experience, desktop software for managing peripherals are usually not user-friendly. They crash suddenly, take a lot of time to load, and the interface makes the options difficult to find. But with the NZXT CAM, we didn’t experience these.

On default, it automatically runs on Windows startup. But since we didn’t need to use the software at all times, we disabled this in the Settings tab.

The CAM software had a simple user interface so it was never difficult for us to find the settings we needed. When we noticed a bug, all we had to do was disconnect and reconnect the mouse.

We saw all the settings for the Lift gaming mouse under the Mouse tab. To change the lighting, we selected a preset and customised it the way we wanted. For DPI adjustment, this can be changed in 100 increments. 

We also found the macro settings to map both side buttons, the DPI button, and the scroll wheel.

When we tested the Lift gaming mouse, the first thing we noticed was its slick tracking. But this was something we already expected since it uses one of PixArt’s most popular gaming sensors.

No matter what game we played, we didn’t have an issue with the mouse’s performance. That’s because we changed some settings when necessary. We really liked that we could easily adjust the DPI levels and lift-off height to suit our playstyle.

When it comes to high-level especially FPS, lighter gaming mice with high-resolution sensors work best. The Lift gaming mouse delivered, and that’s thanks to the low-drag paracord cable and support for 16,000 DPI levels. It allowed us to execute moves swiftly and smoothly, so we didn’t miss a thing.

We highly recommend this gaming mouse for those who like playing fast-paced games like FPS. It tracks excellently and allows for huge sweeping curves even while using low DPI levels. The Lift gaming mouse will definitely improve your gaming experience.

NZXT Lift Gaming Mouse Review Summary

NZXT is one of the popular brands when it comes to PC cases and components. Now, it’s entering the peripherals market with the Lift gaming mouse. Although it’s not perfect, it performs well and it’s one of the better gaming mice on the market.

This new gaming mouse offers a lot especially when it comes to its customisation options. We really like NZXT’s approach to its design since it’s ambidextrous and lightweight. Plus, there are a lot of choices for the mouse’s accent colours and the RGB is customisable via CAM software.

Aside from the impressive design, it uses durable OMRON switches and a high-quality sensor. This mouse may cost slightly higher compared to others, but it’s an excellent gaming companion to go for.

If you want to know more about the Lift Gaming Mouse, visit NZXT’s official product page for more information.