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Pwnage Ultra Custom Ambi Wireless Mouse Review

What we are writing today is our Pwnage Ultra Custom Ambi Wireless Mouse Review. It will focus on the Ultra Custom Ambi, a perfect mouse for pro gamers. 

Pwnage claims that it has a lag-free performance and other notable features. These include the Pure Aim technology and ultra-lightweight design, to name a few. 

But are these features enough to make the mouse stand out from its competition? Continue reading this Pwnage Ultra Custom Ambi Wireless Mouse Review as we discuss its design, functions, specifications, features, and performance. 

Pwnage Ultra Custom Ambi Wireless Mouse Packaging

The package arrived in time for our review, and the product came in a simple-looking box. You will find an image of the mouse in front, along with its name and company branding. 

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Inside, the mouse has a honeycomb & solid cover, a USB-C paracord cable, and a USB receiver. You will also find a receiver extender, button spacers, a user manual, plus safety instructions. 

Pwnage Ultra Custom Ambi Wireless Mouse Review – Design and Functionality

We have the white version of the product for our Pwnage Ultra Custom Ambi Wireless Mouse Review. It looks clean and premium, so we love how it goes perfectly with our setup. You can opt for the black version if you want a different colour. 

It sports an ambidextrous design with buttons on both its left and right sides. The Ultra Custom Ambi is perfect for palm and claw grip users with its form and build. 

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Personalising the mouse is easy since you can take out all its buttons and shells. You can also remove the DPI button when customising. The good thing about it is you do not require any tools since the parts pop out during removal. 

Also, you can replace its shells with other shades. So if you want to use white buttons plus different colours, it is possible with the Ultra Custom Ambi. 

Keep in mind that the company sells other colours separately. 

Speaking of its swappable DPI button, you can choose from different DPI colour options. If not, you can remove the button entirely to avoid accidental clicks. 

The Ultra Custom Ambi is a lightweight mouse even when using full-covered shells. It only increases by a gram or two compared to its honeycomb shell.

Although it weighs more than other lightweight mice on the market, it still weighs below 80g. As such, the Ultra Custom Ambi is still considered lightweight. 

Despite the detachable parts of the mouse, it is still a premium quality mouse that feels durable to the touch. There was minimal flex on the bottom, but we did not notice any on the sides and top. When shaking the mouse, we did not hear any sound, which proves that it has a well-built and high-quality body.

The buttons are snappy and sound nice without feeling mushy. They offer good feedback on every click with minimal pre-travel and post-travel. Although the scroll wheel is silent, it still feels tactile and durable.

What is fascinating about this mouse is its sensor adjustment slider. All you need to do is unscrew and slide it up or down to change the position of the sensor. This feature caught our attention since Pwnage claims precision highly depends on the sensor placement.

The large PTFE feet allow for smooth and swift gliding, making the mouse excellent for games. As a wireless product, it uses 2.4GHz connectivity. But like most modern mice, it has a USB-C connection for charging. 

The RGB zones are on the scroll wheel and the back of the Ultra Custom Ambi. You will see the branding of Pwnage on its rear lighting.

As we mentioned, the Ultra Custom Ambi comes with different button spacers in the box. You can swap these to customise the feel of the clicks based on your preferences. 

The 0.6mm and 0.7mm spacers are both soft, but the former is subtle, while the latter is light. For crisp clicks, use the 0.8mm or 0.9mm button spacers. The 0.8mm spacer is light, while the 0.9mm is tactile.

Key Features of the Pwnage Ultra Custom Ambi Wireless Mouse 

Here is a list of features we will discuss in our Pwnage Ultra Custom Ambi Wireless Mouse Review. These are essential details to help determine if it is something you need or is worth purchasing.

A Mouse Just for You

The Ultra Custom Ambi sports a design that makes it easily customisable to match your gaming style, setup, and preferences.

It is also a toolless product; you need to swap and replace the covers and DPI buttons. And for varying user grips, you can use different top shells that are ideal for your grip.

Lightweight Paracord USB-C Cable

The cord is FCC-compliant and ultra-flexible, offering wired-mode gaming and charging for the mouse.

100% PTFE Skates

These PTFE skates offer custom-rounded edges to provide seamless glide and movement controls.

Golden Ratio Ambidextrous Form

The company took over a year to find the best golden ratio form to provide actual ambidextrous use. Its button layout is convenient since it allows both right and left-handed individuals to utilise the mouse.

Customisable Sensor Position for Optimal Aim

While writing our Pwnage Ultra Custom Ambi Wireless Mouse Review, we learned about its customisable sensor position feature. 

Generally, grip styles and hand sizes lead to distinct hand movements, which means the best sensor position for everyone differs.

Although movements are the same, sensor positions affect the trajectory path. In return, it affects gameplay and aiming performance.

Acquiring an optimal sensor position offers a lesser error margin. Thus, you can perform at your best while boosting your gaming skills.

Adjust and set the mouse sensor position easily to boost your aim for accuracy and speed. Find the best sensor position to suit your grip, in-game technique, and play style.

Current Patented Sensor Adjusting Technology 

This feature allows you to fine-tune the mouse to your specific needs. It does not only allow the front-to-back sensor positions. This feature also provides up to 14% throughput (accuracy and speed) while decreasing path deviations while aiming up to 23%. 

Lag-free Gameplay

Another notable feature of the mouse is it offers lag-free gaming. It has a 1000Hz poll rate, plus a new MCU for enhanced performance and latency. 

The mouse also has adjustable debounce of as low as 0ms and LOD down to 1mm. With the current R&D wireless technology, input lag is almost entirely non-existent.

Kailh 8.0 Switches

These switches provide optimal high-performing clicks with a long-lasting 80 million click life.

3370 Sensor

The presence of this sensor makes the mouse even better. It provides low-rate errors and allows for an adjustable LOD for less than 1mm.


Let us continue our Pwnage Ultra Custom Ambi Wireless Mouse Review and check its specifications. The mouse sports a white matte coating that is pleasing to the touch. It measures 118 x 60 x 38mm and weighs 71g to 80g.

Based on tracking, the mouse uses the PAW 3370 optical sensor and has zero smoothing/filtering/acceleration. Its total track speed is 50G, while the maximum speed is 400 IPS.

In office and gaming mode, its battery can last up to 112 hours and 60 hours, respectively. Then for a full recharge, it will take you two hours to fill.

The mouse has a wireless 2.4GHz connection and polling rate of 125 / 250 / 500 / 1000Hz. The cable it uses is a type-C paracord cable measuring 2m long.

Pwnage offers a one-year warranty for the Ultra Custom Ambi. The company also has a 30-day money-back guarantee for your convenience.

Hands-on with the Pwnage Ultra Custom Ambi Wireless Mouse 

Like always, we made sure to try the mouse and get hands-on experience. In this Pwnage Ultra Custom Ambi Wireless Mouse Review, we will share how well (or not) it performed. But first, we will discuss the compatible software for the mouse.

Downloading the software is essential for making all your customisations. Here, you can change the key bindings for all the mouse buttons. 

Via the software, you can save four different profiles, adjust DPI, debounce time, the lift-off distance and polling rates.

The Ultra Custom Software will also let you set macros and customise the RGB settings on the mouse.

Speaking of the Ultra Custom Ambi, it is an impressive mouse that performs amazingly for both gaming and office tasks. 

In various FPS games we played, we had precise and controlled shots, making the mouse ideal for such genres. The mouse still worked efficiently and smoothly for other games, so we did not experience any problems. 

We have to mention its RGB on the scroll wheel. It would be better if it were more vibrant since it was dim despite being at maximum brightness.

However, the RGB on the rear is vivid and bright. It has a deep and attractive colour even at its lowest brightness level.

Overall, the Ultra Custom Ambi is an exceptional mouse, and we recommend it to you.

Pwnage Ultra Custom Ambi Wireless Mouse Review Summary

We enjoyed using this product during our tests for this Pwnage Ultra Custom Ambi Wireless Mouse Review. It feels durable enough to withstand intense gaming sessions. With its customisation options, any gamer can enjoy this mouse.

It also works excellently for office tasks. Overall, the Ultra Custom Ambi delivers excellent performance, making it easy to recommend.

Learn more about the Ultra Custom Ambi Wireless Mouse by visiting the official product page of Pwnage