Pwnage Ultra Custom Wireless Ergo Mouse Review

There are tons of lightweight gaming mice on the market, which makes it challenging to find the best one. But Pwnage offers their custom wireless mouse, which we will discuss in our Pwnage Ultra Custom Wireless Ergo Mouse Review. 

It has notable excellent features that make it stand out from the crowd. But is the hype over it worth the attention and purchase?   

Pwnage Ultra Custom Wireless Ergo Mouse Packaging

Before we get more in-depth with the mouse, our Pwnage Ultra Custom Wireless Ergo Mouse Review will discuss its packaging. 

The mouse ships in a typical-looking box that displays an image of the product in front. You will find the unit name in this area, while the company branding is on top of the box. 

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In the box, you will find the Ultra Custom Wireless Ergo with other extras from Pwnage. These include user documentation, button spacers, DPI buttons, and a USB receiver. 

You will also find a wireless extender, a left/right click cover, a honeycomb and a solid palm cover. Lastly, Pwnage included a USB-A to C charging cable inside the box.   

Pwnage Ultra Custom Wireless Ergo Mouse Review – Design and Functionality

Let us start more into the product in this Pwnage Ultra Custom Wireless Ergo Mouse Review. And we will first discuss its functions and design. 

You will be pleased to learn that this product is one of the most customisable mice available, hence, its name. Most of the time, users who want to modify their mouse have to purchase parts from a third-party website. 

From there, they perform in-home modifications, which may or may not void the warranty. But with this mouse, making customisations within the manufacturer’s guidelines is simple and encouraged. 

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The Ultra Custom Wireless Ergo features a shape that accommodates right-handed users. If you are familiar with the ZOWIE EC2, you will notice how similar it is to this mouse from Pwnage. There are RGB light zones within the scroll wheel, plus a strip along the bottom and rear.

Moreover, the Ultra Custom Wireless Ergo features a honeycomb and solid plastic version of the palm rest. It even has L/R click button covers and two alternate CPI buttons with varying heights. 

Form-wise, the mouse is ideally well-built, so it does not flex when squeezed despite having modular parts. Its buttons offer physical feedback, which makes them pleasing to press. 

However, we noticed a slight rattle when we attempted to shake the mouse. But the thing is, it should not affect regular usage. To note, this product we have for review is white and mint colour. 

To continue, the Ultra Custom Wireless Ergo has a stock weight of 66g. Changing the shells or detaching them affects the product weight, so it is best to keep that in mind.       

We noticed Pwnage keenly sells a specific feature to their customers. It is the function to mod the Ultra Custom Wireless Ergo to a fully-wired mouse. It is possible by removing the battery via the included USB-C cable to link to the host. 

Larger-handed people can handle the mouse comfortably, while claw-and-fingertip gripping also seemed natural.

The mouse feet of the product feel excellent together with the wireless nature of the Ultra Custom Wireless Ergo. The company utilises 100% PTFE feet to guarantee the best and smoothest glide possible. 

There are four mouse feet on its edges and one surrounding the sensor. We are glad that Pwnage did the right thing with their mouse feet since these are not sub-par. 

The Ultra Custom Wireless Ergo buttons deliver reliable performance. So you can activate crisp clicks with relatively little force. 

These buttons have a similar sensation to the side buttons on Glorious. These are so light that they almost seem cheap. 

These are not necessarily cheap. However, if you are more familiar with substantial and tactile mice, you may need to adjust to these. Although we appreciate the little movements in the mouse buttons 1 and 2, other users might not. 

You can program all the buttons at the top of the Pwnage Ultra Custom Wireless Ergo. However, you cannot reprogram the scroll up/down inputs. Plus, you need at least one button designated as a left click.

You can configure six CPI profiles and cycle between them via the default CPI button. It is behind the scroll wheel, or you can set your own. The base button of the mouse allows you to select different battery-saving modes.

The mouse sports a pair of 5mm and 3mm CPI buttons and also has spacers. The latter is for changing the feel of the left/right-click buttons. According to the company, the shorter spaces offer a softer feel for clicks, while the longer ones are more tactile.

The RGB lighting on the mouse rear is a feature that the product does not necessarily need. Users can see the Pwnage logo illuminate when using the honeycomb shell, even when the mouse is not in use.

There is a dimly-lit strip of light on the back end that is barely noticeable while in operation. Also, the RGB disappears when the mouse moves, which appears to be a power-saving function.

We think the most convenient implementation of RGBs on the product is along its scroll wheel. Why? Because it indicates the DPI steps. 

Pwnage probably included RGB lighting to appease RGB fans around. However, we do not think the company nailed it in terms of execution. 

We cannot deny that the RGB on this mouse is attractive. However, these are not visible when the mouse is in use. It seems like RGBs were included just for the sake of being included. 

Key Features of the Pwnage Ultra Custom Wireless Ergo Mouse 

Our Pwnage Ultra Custom Wireless Ergo Mouse Review will discuss the list of features the mouse offers. These elements make the product stand out from the crowd, but are these ideal for your needs? Let us find out. 

Produced for Precision

Pwnage focused on customisation and performance when creating the Ultra Custom Wireless Ergo. Because of this design, you can readily customise the mouse without bothering with tools. Also, you can drop the mouse weight to as low as 58g. 

100% PTFE Skates

Virgin PTFE Skates have rounded edges for movement control and a smooth glide. This feature will make using the mouse more convenient and seamless. 

Lightweight Paracord USB-C Cable

Pwnage included an FCC-compliant ultra-flexible paracord type-C cable for wired charging and gaming. Even when wired, the mouse feels wireless, and you can charge it to full power in a single hour. 

Download the Drivers for Enhanced Customisation 

To better personalise the mouse, customise it via Pwnage software to unlock the potential of this mouse. 

The Perfect Mouse for You

With adequate customisations, your gaming setup, play style, and preferences will be perfect with the Ultra Custom Wireless Ergo.

Lag-free Gaming Every Time 

The Ultra Custom Wireless Ergo has a 1000Hz polling rate, the current R&D wireless technology, and an optimised MCU. These elements prevent instances of input lag while offering optimised latency and performance with adjustable debounce as low as 0ms. 

Kailh 8.0 Switches and 3370 Sensors 

The mouse sports the Kailh 8.0 switches for enhanced high-performing clicks with a long-lasting 80M click life. Moreover, the product also features a 3370 sensor for lower error rates and adjustable LOD (less than 1mm).


We checked the product specifications for our Pwnage Ultra Custom Wireless Ergo Mouse Review. We learned the mouse measures 120 x 66 x 42mm (HxWxD) and is 68 to 73g.

The Ultra Custom Wireless Ergo uses a Paw 3370 optical sensor with 50 to 19000 DPI resolution. It has 40G acceleration and 400 IPS tracking speed with zero smoothing/filtering/acceleration. 

In office mode, its battery reaches up to 180 hours, whereas in gaming mode, it can reach until 80 hours. Fully charging the product will take two hours to complete. 

The Ultra Custom Wireless Ergo features a wireless connection plus a 125, 250, 500, and 1000Hz polling rate. Plus, it utilises a paracord type-C cable measuring 2m long, has a one-year warranty, and has a 30-day return policy.  

Hands-on with the Pwnage Ultra Custom Wireless Ergo Mouse 

We put the mouse through some tests when we used it for around two weeks. So, we will share our experience with it in this Pwnage Ultra Custom Wireless Ergo Mouse Review.

Although the software appears outdated, it is easy to use and nicely organised. While it does let you set custom profiles, you cannot assign a button to cycle between them. Instead, you will need to change them manually via the software. 

Unfortunately, the programme only works with Windows.

With the software, you can manage onboard memory, CPI (DPI) adjustments, and adjust polling rates. The software also allows you to configure profiles and manage RGBs on/off.

When we started testing the mouse for our Pwnage Ultra Custom Wireless Ergo Mouse Review, it impressed us immediately. It has excellent click latency and accurate responsiveness. All the buttons worked how they should, and the mouse felt solid and sturdy to the touch. 

We love how customisable the mouse is since we could personalise it based on our wants and preferences. After tweaking the mouse to our liking, the outcome was perfect for our setup.

In games like Overwatch, all executed actions were precise and quick. There were no lags, and the mouse did not mistakenly move while pressing the middle mouse button. 

It is an excellent mouse with a good build, great customisation options, and exceptional features. The product functions just how it should and optimises our gameplay/everyday tasks. So simply put, we highly recommend the Ultra Custom Wireless Ergo. 

Pwnage Ultra Custom Wireless Ergo Mouse Review Summary

We were glad to test the mouse for our Pwnage Ultra Custom Wireless Ergo Mouse Review. The degree of flexibility accessible with this mouse offers a lot of value. The base edition of this wireless, lightweight, and highly-programmable mouse has a price that is a huge steal. 

The ergonomic design, solid sensor, and impressive wireless performance make it an excellent product. It is one of the best gaming mice, and we highly recommend it.

Visit the official product page of Pwnage for more details on the Ultra Custom Wireless Ergo Mouse.