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Pwnage Ultra Custom Symmetrical Wireless Mouse Review

Pwnage is a company that gained more fans after releasing its Ultra Custom Wireless Mouse. But today, we are discussing their latest offering in our Pwnage Ultra Custom Symmetrical Wireless Mouse Review.

The Ultra Custom Symmetrical wireless mouse is another product offering excellent wireless functionality. It has a price point that will not burn the wallet, an impressive build, and more.

But with all the competition in the wireless gaming mice space, let us see if this product can measure up.

Pwnage Ultra Custom Symmetrical Wireless Mouse Packaging

To begin our Pwnage Ultra Custom Symmetrical Wireless Mouse Review, let us look at its packaging and contents. The mouse shipped in a regular-looking cardboard box. However, we could see that Pwnage put adequate care into its packaging and presentation. 

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The box features a nice glossy box and extras that give you the feeling of having added value. Aside from the wireless mouse, you will find extra items inside the box. These include a honeycomb palm cover and a left/right click cover.

You will find a USB receiver, USB receiver extender, USB-A to C cables, button spacers, and replacement mouse feet. Lastly, the box also includes a user manual and safety instructions.

Pwnage Ultra Custom Symmetrical Wireless Mouse Review – Design and Functionality

The hype behind the Ultra Custom Symmetrical wireless mouse is all because of its shape. It resembles the Zowie S2, which sports a medium-sized ambidextrous body that works effectively with multi-grip styles. For us, we think the form of the Ultra Custom Symmetrical is better since it is lighter and slightly shorter. 

Since we tested it for our Pwnage Ultra Custom Symmetrical Wireless Mouse Review, it is comfortable and user-friendly. The mouse is ideal for medium-handed users, and they will not need much of an adjustment period.

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Looks-wise, the mouse sports a smooth matte coating and a honeycomb style on the top and sides. RGBs are optional, with hits at the back and on the scroll wheel. We love that the lights do not steal the show while staying vibrant and appealing.

The mouse design is slightly understated with a standard six-button design and a toggle along its rear. The latter is for controlling RGBs and their power.

The Ultra Custom Symmetrical has PTFE skates that include one along the sensor ring. 

Its coating is not extraordinary, but it does the job efficiently and provides adequate grip. Additionally, the mouse does an excellent job of keeping fingerprints at bay. And even when we continuously used Ultra Custom Symmetrical, it still looked brand new. 

Its build quality felt solid, there were no creaking sounds, and there was no side/bottom flex when pressing hard. However, there is a slight rattle when shaking the mouse hard, yet we could not determine its cause.

There is more weight towards its rear, which makes it slightly heavy. It is noticeable during gameplay, and as a result, you will need some time for adjustments. Note that this weight is due to the RGB and battery at the back of the product.

Shape and performance-wise, these two elements go hand-in-hand. If you prefer small to medium-sized ambidextrous design, you will love the feel of Ultra Custom Symmetrical. 

We checked the buttons and scroll wheel of the product to see how efficient they were. Also, we are sharing this information in our Pwnage Ultra Custom Symmetrical Wireless Mouse Review. 

Because of their glossy finish, the side buttons are simple to find and press. They are above average in terms of snappiness with some pre and post-travel. However, their size and feel make them quite useful in games.

Its clicks are light-sounding and do not offer much tactility. Despite that, these are easy to use and adjust. 

The scroll wheel has a nice feel with its rubber coating. And since it does not have too much tension, you can easily and quickly scroll. 

Its middle click can take medium force while offering a satisfying tactile response. Its wheels were ideal for bunnyhopping in-game, but we think a bit of tactility would be better. 

Pwnage positioned its wheel nicely, which was not obtrusive during everyday use. 

Key Features of the Pwnage Ultra Custom Symmetrical Wireless Mouse 

Made for Precision

Pwnage prioritised performance and customisations when designing the mouse. Without any tools, you can easily personalise it based on your preferences.

Also, you can reduce the weight of Ultra Custom Symmetrical to as little as 68g.

100% PTFE Skates

Virgin PTFE Skates have slightly rounded edges for movement control and a smooth glide.

Pwnage Ultra Custom Symmetrical Wireless Mouse – A Mouse Just for You

This product is easily customisable to match your play style, gaming setup, and preferences. 

You will not require any tools: swap and replace the DPI button and covers. You can change to other top shells to suit your grip for different grip types.

Button Spacers

Customise and personalise the softness of the button clicks to make for a more seamless performance. 

Lag Free Gaming

When we tested the mouse for our Pwnage Ultra Custom Symmetrical Wireless Mouse Review, it did not show any lags. 

The mouse offers an adjustable debounce as low as 0ms and a redesigned MCU for enhanced latency and performance. The most recent wireless R&D technology substantially eliminates input lag.

Downloadable Drivers

Download the Pwnage software if you want to customise and take advantage of the full potential of your mouse.

3370 Sensor

The 3370 Sensor will provide low error rates and adjustable LOD for less than 1mm.


Our Pwnage Ultra Custom Symmetrical Wireless Mouse Review will share the various specifications of the product. The exterior of this mouse sports an enhanced matte coating that gives off a solid and premium feel. Dimensions-wise, it measures 120mm x 60mm x 38mm (HxWxD) and weighs 70 to 79g.

The mouse uses a PAW 3370 optical sensor and a 50 to 19000 DPI for tracking. It has zero smoothing, acceleration, and filtering, plus a maximum speed and tracking speed of 400 IPs and 40G, respectively.

Pwnage Ultra Custom Symmetrical Wireless Mouse Battery Life

When on office mode, it can last up to 180 hours. In gaming mode, you can get up to 80 hours of gameplay. A full recharge of the mouse will take 2 hours which is somewhat quick. 

The mouse uses a wireless 2.4GHz connection with a 125 / 250  / 500 / 1000Hz polling rate and is fully compatible with Windows and Mac OS. Its paracord cable measures 1.8m. 

Lastly, the product comes with a one-year warranty plus a 30-day money-back guarantee return policy. 

Hands-on with the Pwnage Ultra Custom Symmetrical Wireless Mouse

We had the chance to try and test the mouse. So, we are sharing our experience with it in this Pwnage Ultra Custom Symmetrical Wireless Mouse Review. 

But before we share how it performed, let us check its Ultra Custom software. We will see if it is an easy-to-use platform for everyone. Pwnage Ultra Custom is the software suite for configuring the Ultra Custom Symmetrical Wireless Mouse. Although the mouse works with both Windows and macOS, the software is only available for Windows. Plus, it does not require users to create an account before adjusting the settings.

It has a simple interface that shows tabs for all the available settings. Pwnage Ultra Custom enables adjustment of the DPI, polling rate, and RGB. The software suite also allows saving profiles to the onboard memory.

It did not take long for us to familiarise ourselves with using the Ultra Symmetrical. It was quick and responsive when we were aiming in-game. The modified PixArt 3335 Optical sensor delivered satisfying performance when used as a gaming sensor.

However, do not forget that changing the polling rate to 1000Hz requires installing the necessary software.

We did not experience any spin-outs or other problems with its sensor. We were able to customise the DPI from 200 to 16000 DPI. However, we heard some users had issues with high LODs. 

Despite this, we did not experience any of these concerns. But, it is something to be aware of since there is no option to adjust the LOD via software. 

Overall, the Ultra Custom Symmetrical from Pwnage performed nicely and was excellent in-game. We did not experience any issues with it during our tests, and everything went smoothly. 

Pwnage Ultra Custom Symmetrical Wireless Mouse Review Summary

We are ending our Pwnage Ultra Custom Symmetrical Wireless Mouse Review positively. The mouse is excellent and is something we would recommend to you. 

Its lightweight and symmetrically shaped form offer an excellent feel for any grip type. The product has a range of notable features, plus you also have the freedom to customise its look and feel. 

And despite having interchangeable parts, the mouse still feels solid and sturdy. 

You can link the mouse with its paracord-like cable or use wireless connectivity with its USB receiver. And as mentioned, it is ideal for most hand sizes and all grip types. However, small-handed people could have a challenge reaching the side buttons. 

Performance-wise, it has a low lift-off distance, and you can configure the CPI in 100 increments within a broad range. The Ultra Custom Symmetrical is excellent for FPS gaming, daily tasks, and multimedia work. 

To get more in-depth details about the Ultra Custom Symmetrical wireless mouse, visit the official product page of Pwnage