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QNAP TVS-h674 Review

Today, we are writing our QNAP TVS-h674 Review, which focuses on TVS-h674. The company released its new high-performing NAS designed for virtualisation, backup, and app servers. 

The product is powered by a 12th Gen Intel Core multi-thread/core processor since it leverages the QuTS hero OS. It allows block-level inline data deduplication + compression, real-time SnapSync, and limitless snapshots. 

The TVS-h674 also has a PCIe Gen4 interface, a 2.5GbE connectivity, and M.2 NVMe SSD caching. But are these elements enough to make you want and need the product? 

Continue reading our QNAP TVS-h674 Review to learn more about the product, what it offers, its features, specs, etc. But first, what is inside the box? 

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QNAP TVS-h674 Packaging

Our TVS-h674 shipped in the usual cardboard box we always see from QNAP products. There is not much to focus on the box exterior, so we did not waste time checking its contents. 

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The TVS-h674 shipped with a power cord, an RJ45 Ethernet cable, two drive tray keys, and a quick installation guide. Also included is a set of 2.5-inch drive screws and a set of 3.5-inch drive screws.

You will not find plenty of inclusions in the package since QNAP wants us to unbox, set up, and use the NAS in a snap. 

QNAP TVS-h674 Review – Design and Functionality

Our TVS-h674 has 16GB RAM and is the replacement and upgraded version for the earlier generation TVS-x72X. It is a powerful NAS that is perfect for the Container Station because of its large RAM and powerful CPU. 

It also works excellently as a Plex media server and is ideal for video surveillance, to name a few. But before we discuss these, our QNAP TVS-h674 Review will focus on its design. 

Looking at the exterior of this NAS, it appears similar to its earlier siblings from the company. It sports the standard rectangular-shaped compact form that looks solid and durable enough to last. 

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The NAS still has that nice matte-black finish, so you do not have to worry about fingerprints all over its body. Also, the finish adds a more premium look to the product. 

The upper left corner of the NAS houses the LED indicators for the LAN, Status, USB, and M.2 SSD. On the upper right corner, you will see the LCS panel featuring the LCD enter and select buttons.  

The lower left corner of the NAS is where you will find the power and a USB one-touch copy button. Plus, the USB 2.3 Gen2 port is also in this area.  

Key Features of the QNAP TVS-h674

Before discussing its specifications and performance, we will share the product features in our QNAP TVS-h674 Review. 

We cannot stress this further, but knowing what a product can offer is essential before making your purchase. These details will help you determine if this TVS-h674 is suited for your needs. 

Accelerate AI-powered Image Recognition via TPU

Google Edge TPU for the QNAP AI Core allows the product to perform face and object recognition with excellent speed. The Google Edge TPU lets QuMagie immediately process tons of images using high-speed AI Image classification & recognition and QVR Face. Using these will help analyse real-time videos for immediate facial recognition. 

Optimise QNAP TVS-h674 Performance with M.2 SSDs/TPU

The TVS-h674 features two M.2 PCIe slots to enable SSD caching/SSD storage pools. These are essential for optimised performance while simultaneously boosting other applications. 

Install M.2 NVMe SSDs for Cache Boosting

This product supports SSD caching and features two M.2 slots. These are necessary to support M.2 PCIe NVMe SSDs that sport 2280 form factors. 

You can purchase it separately since it is not part of the package. However, you can utilise it to boost the overall performance of your NAS.

QNAP TVS-h674 – Establish a High-Speed 2.5GbE Network Environment

The company provides a budget-friendly storage and networking solution offering a collection of connection possibilities. You can conveniently and flexibly upgrade your home/workplace network to handle bandwidth-hungry applications. 

Abundant I/O Capabilities with PCIe Expansion

The TVS-h674 has two PCIe slots for installing various expansion cards to boost and improve application potential.

Excellent Visual Experience with Full HD HDMI Output + Real-time Video Transcoding with the QNAP TVS-h674

TVS-h674 has an HDMI output to support full HD, offering benefits for apps like video editing/production or industrial design. The latter requires high-resolution and intensive media storage, display, and transfer. 

Connecting the TVS-h674 to your HDMI display lets you watch multimedia content directly from the NAS. You can also operate virtual machines via the Virtualisation Station or use an HD player/third-party player. 

The NAS also features Intel UHD Graphics that support hardware decoding plus real-time transcoding. These are for turning videos into universal formats that you can play on multiple devices.

Quicker Image Identification with Built-in Intel OpenVINO AI Engine for the QNAP TVS-h674

Having a built-in Intel OpenVINO AI computing resource allows the NAS to boost AI image recognition performance. It is possible without compromising the performance of other services/applications. 

The QNAP AI Core mainly functions with the QuMagie app. 

ZFS-based QuTS Hero OS for Optimising QNAP TVS-h674 Performance and Data Integrity

QuTS hero brings together the app-based QTS with a 128-bit ZFS file system. The combination offers flexible storage management, optimised performance, and comprehensive data protection. These are essential for handling the complex and performance demands of current IT.

From virtualisation and storage management to collaborative media workflows, the OS helps centralise business-critical activities. 

In-line Data Deduplication, Compression + Compaction Boosting SSD Endurance

The QuTS hero backs advanced block-based data reduction technologies such as compression, deduplication, and compaction. It helps decrease file sizes, upgrades performance, and conserves storage capacities. 

Here is an example. If virtual machines on your NAS have replicas made via the same template, their storage space requirements will decrease. The reduced amount will be up to 95%. 

So whether it works as a backup/primary storage, the TVS-h674 optimises storage usage. It does this to offer reliable storage in this Big Data period. So, all-flash solutions achieve increased cost efficiency while enhancing SSD lifespan and random write performance. 

All-inclusive Backup and Disaster Recovery with the QNAP TVS-h674

This NAS supports several applications that cover your backup requirements. You can practise safe IT habits by regularly backing up device content and files. Thus, allowing you to restore them when necessary. 

The All-in-one Solution to Host Virtual Machines and the Like 

While writing our QNAP TVS-h674 Review, we realised that this NAS is an all-in-one solution for hosting virtual machines. By running these containers, you can deploy applications and multi-tenant environments. These will boost management efficiency while saving hardware costs. 

When you couple the NAS with the Network and Virtual Switch app, you can allocate virtual and physical network resources. It will help simplify the task of network deployment. 

Remember, the Virtual Switch app enhances interoperability between containers, virtual machines, NAS, and other devices within the network. 

Comprehensive Security + Privilege Settings

This NAS comes packed with flexible privilege settings plus security measures. Other than 2-step verifications, IP blocking, and HTTPS connections, more apps guarantee optimal NAS protection against hackers, malware, etc.

QNAP TVS-h674 – The Best File Storage and Collaboration Centre

The product has rich applications for managing, storing, syncing, searching, and archiving data. It supports AFP, SMB/CIFS, and NFS protocols. These are for streamlined file sharing across Mac, Windows, and UNIX/Linux. 

With this feature, you can get the best and ideal NAS solution for managing your files. 

A Smart Surveillance Solution All-day

The QVR Elite is a subscription-based Smart surveillance solution. It lets you create a surveillance system with decreased TCO and increased scalability. 

During our tests for this QNAP TVS-h674 Review, we saw how the NAS saves all your recordings as MP4 files. It allows playbacks on any device, and it works seamlessly too. 

The QVR uses QNAP AI-based solutions to create Smart facial recognition. These are for door and retail access systems with the QNAP NAS.

You can organise independent and dedicated space for surveillance data on the NAS. It will allow you to enjoy camera organisation, live viewing & playback, plus storage space allocation.

Shift Flexibly to the QTS OS without Hassles

The NAS also backs QTS – the standard NAS operating system from QNAP that offers excellent daily performance. It also provides notable memory utilisation and Qtier auto-tiering.

Another plus is you can migrate drives from your QTS-based NAS to the new TVS-h674.

Get Extend Hardware Warranty of up to 5 Years for the QNAP TVS-h674

The NAS receives a 3-year warranty from QNAP at no additional costs. You can also get a warranty extension to prolong your coverage by up to five years. 


We looked into the product specifications for this QNAP TVS-h674 Review and learned it uses the 64-bit x86 CPU architecture. It utilises the Intel Core i3-12100 4-core|8-thread processor with a burst of up to 4.3GHz. And it integrates the Intel UHD Graphics 730 processors.

It uses the AES-NI engine for its encryption and has 16GB SODIMM DDR4  system memory. Also, the TVS-h674 has a maximum memory of 64GB, consisting of two 32GB memories. You will find a 5GB dual-boot OS protection flash memory and six 3.5-inch SATA 6GB/s, 3GB/s. 

The TVS-h674 is compatible with 3.5 and 2.5-inch SATA hard disk drives. Plus, it also works with 2.5-inch SATA solid-state drives. 

It is hot-swappable, supports SSD cache acceleration, and has two M.2 2280 PCIe Gen4 x4 M.2 slots. Aside from these, you also have a GPU pass-through, a jumbo frame, and a Wake On LAN (WOL). The company included a 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet port (2.5G/1G/100M) and 2(2.5G|1G|100M|10M). 

There are two PCIe slots: the first is a PCIe Gen4 x16, while the other is a PCIe Gen4 x4. This NAS has a 1x HDMI 1.4b (up to 4096×2160 @30Hz) and a USB 3.2 Gen2 (10Gbps) port. It also has one Type-C USB 3.2 Gen2 10Gbps and two Type-A USB 3.2 Gen2 1-Gbps.

The TVS-h674 has a tower form measuring 188.2 x 264.3 x 279.6mm (HxWxD) and weighs 6.553kg. 

Hands-on with the QNAP TVS-h674

Here, our QNAP TVS-h674 Review will discuss the performance of the NAS and our experience with the product. But before looking into these, we will focus on QTS 5.0 – the operating system of QNAP for the TVS-h674.

QTS 5.0 – QNAP TVS-h674 Operating System

This operating system consists of a few notable upgrades to the comprehensive NAS OS from QNAP

The high-spot features of this version include a better Linux Kernel and enhanced security. It also provides support for WireGuard and improved NVMe SSD cache performance. 

Based on its solid foundation, the OS builds on an upgraded system and enhanced UI. It also integrates better security measures to safeguard digital assets and improve system performance for streamlining your applications.  

QTS even features a built-in AI machine learning process to strengthen drive failure prediction and image recognition. That means the OS provides magnificent features to meet the challenges of technological changes. Plus, it also gives you data security, intelligence, and power. 

While navigating QTS, you will see that QNAP paid attention to the little details to provide a superb browsing experience. Now, you can take advantage of its ideal visual design and smoother NAS experience while finding your favourite apps faster. 

If this is your first time working on its installation, do not worry. You will find a notice board that will guide you throughout the process. The only thing you need to do is follow the instructions for a quick and easy set-up. 

Whether switching between apps, clicking buttons, or collapsing/expanding windows, every movement is more seamless. To find your apps, you can also use the search bar on the main menu for assistance. 

QNAP TVS-h674 Storage Management

Storage management on the TVS-h674 with the QTS 5.0 is achievable through several configuration tools and visual representations. You can see your current NAS system, with solo drive bays displayed accordingly. Each features health checks, information, and tests that are just one click away. 

While gathering information for our QNAP TVS-h674 Review, we learned it applies to RAID set-up management. It also applies to volume capacity, storage pool utilisation, etc. 

So with its Smart graphical interface, the Storage + Snapshots Manager makes everything easier on your part. You can readily manage volumes, iSCSI storage, disks, storage pools, and SSD caches. 

Storage Overview

Let us also take a quick peek at this feature in our QNAP TVS-h674 Review. Here, you can immediately acquire the status of all storage pools and volumes. Also, you can better determine the kind of volume and LUN available. 

Snapshot Overview

This section will allow you to organise snapshots using a detail-driven and professional interface. All versions and the time of your latest ones get recorded. 

QNAP TVS-h674 SSD Cache Boost 

If you add an SSD to your TVS-h674, it will be one way to boost your storage performance. It is for the IOPS-demanding apps you are currently using. 

With it, you can stop, launch, or even change the settings based on your preferences and needs. You can make these changes anytime without having to shut down your system. 

RAID Administration, Improvement, and Migration

Based on available drives in the TVS-h674, you can opt for RAID types offering several performance levels. That also includes data redundancy. 

Moreover, it is easy to expand/migrate RAID without interfering with the system operations. 

Choose a Volume Type or LUN that is Suitable for Your Needs

Create diversified volumes within the storage pool for applications in standard business environments featuring different workgroups. You can even minimise volume sizes to guarantee that your NAS can adapt to changes. 

Container Station and the QNAP TVS-h674

While writing our QNAP TVS-h674 Review, we learned that the Container Station integrates LXD, Docker and Kata lightweight virtualisation technologies. These allow you to work multiple isolation Linux systems via the NAS. Or, you can download applications from the integrated Docker Hub/LXD – Image Server Registry.

In most cases, the virtual machine is the best deployment option for systems with established resources. LXD and Docker have recently developed into the perfect elements for administrators who need to deploy lightweight operating systems. 

Then, Kata is ideal for personal and business users who need optimised security. With a growing level of choice, tailoring your virtualisation strategies to fit your needs became easier. 

Because of its large RAM, you can utilise the NAS for Container Station. And conveniently, it meets the requirements of Kata, LXD, and Docker. 

The Container Station UI on the NAS is perfect, slick, and straightforward. 

QNAP TVS-h674 Virtualisation Station

Virtualisation Station is a powerful hypervisor that runs on your NAS. It allows you to create a low-cost virtualisation environment for your convenience and needs. 

Virtualisation Station is compatible with numerous operating systems like Linux, Windows, and QuTScloud. You can set up and run multiple virtual machines based on available system resources.

It also supports numerous resource management and acceleration functions. Thus, resulting in a low-cost virtualisation platform with exceptional performance.

On the NAS and other QNAP products, Virtualisation Station is a fast and dependable hypervisor. You can run multiple virtual machines on Virtualisation Station to meet your virtualisation needs. You can do this while saving money and taking advantage of advanced features.

Hybrid Backup Sync with the QNAP TVS-h674

The Hybrid Backup Sync does everything like recovery, backup, and sync data from/to local storage and cloud services. It works with remote servers using RTRR, FTP, Rsync, CIFS/SMB, and WebDAV protocols. 

With Hybrid Backup Sync, you can create a sync/backup job in three simple steps. Its settings are flexible, including choosing sources & destination folders, detailed rules, and backup schedules. 

A 3 2 1 backup plan is the best process for guaranteeing data safety. You only need to schedule backup jobs, and it does the rest. 

When we speak of data recovery, it is quick and easy with an intuitive web GUI. The Hybrid Backup Sync allows you to minimise service downtime when problems occur. 


QNAP QGD 3041 16P qvr pro client review 02 QNAP TVS-h674 Review

QVR Pro is compatible with all standard fisheye cameras on the market. It includes the Qdewarp technology, which converts distorted parts of the original images into proportional ratios. 

The software also integrates industry-leading features like viewing a single fisheye camera image in nine channels from different angles. QVR Pro also has cross-platform hardware-accelerated decoding for fisheye camera images. 

QVR Pro ensures superior surveillance performance for increased security while allowing for greater deployment flexibility.

Monitor Every Corner with Ease

Previously, multiple cameras were necessary to monitor each corner of your surroundings. But now, you only need to deploy one centralised fisheye camera to track the entire area. Thus, allowing you to enjoy increased surveillance efficiency at a lower cost.

Surveillance applications that connect multiple IP cameras and IP addresses to your network allow for easier management. Because it is a QNAP app, using it with the TVS-h674 will be more convenient. 

This NAS is ideal for video surveillance due to its powerful features and high CPU and RAM capacity.

Previously, multiple cameras were necessary to monitor each corner of your surroundings. But now, you only need to deploy one centralised fisheye camera for monitoring the entire area. Thus, allowing you to enjoy increased surveillance efficiency at a lower cost.

Surveillance applications that connect multiple IP cameras and IP addresses to your network allow for easier management. Because it is a QNAP app, using it with the TVS-h674 will be more convenient. 

This NAS is ideal for video surveillance due to its powerful features and large CPU/RAM capacity.

QVR Pro highly benefits from the high scalability of this NAS. When you run out of recording space, you can increase your storage capacity by connecting expansion enclosures to your NAS. Or, you can use the QNAP VJBOD to access unused storage space on another QNAP NAS.

QNAP updates this enterprise-level surveillance application constantly with newer security hardware and software tools.

The QNAP TVS-h674 as a Plex Media Server

CleanShot 2022 12 08 at 10.05.04 QNAP TVS-h674 Review
CleanShot 2022 12 08 at 10.05.26 QNAP TVS-h674 Review
CleanShot 2022 12 08 at 10.05.34 QNAP TVS-h674 Review
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CleanShot 2022 12 08 at 10.05.55 QNAP TVS-h674 Review
CleanShot 2022 12 08 at 10.06.38 QNAP TVS-h674 Review

Plex is a vital streaming service despite not being among the popular offerings on the market. Generally, the best services usually set up large libraries of films and shows within reach for on-demand viewing. However, Plex allows you to be the master of your domain.  

QNAP designed the TVS-h674 for running 24/7 since it can use less power than desktop computers. Using this NAS as a Plex Media Server lets you take advantage of a stable network environment. As a result, you can enjoy seamless multimedia access and streaming.

Using the TVS-h674 as a Plex Media Server is easy. All we had to do was install Plex Media Server from the QNAP App centre, and everything was ready.

Plex allowed for maintaining local collections of videos, movies, photos, and music on the NAS. It also enabled file streaming from Plex to different devices, including mobile phones and tablets.

Plex can stream media to TVs via streaming devices like Roku, Google Chromecast, DLNA, Amazon Fire TV, etc.

Using the QNAP TVS-h674 with WD Red PRO Hard Drives

When we tested the TVS-h674, we installed the WD Red PRO hard drives. This specific model is one of the most compatible with NAS enclosures, making it ideal for creating a backup system.

The WD Red PRO offers unrivalled long-term performance for NAS and RAID systems. Although these hard drives are expensive, they are a worthy investment. They are adequately stable and durable to prevent frequent replacement.

What Makes the WD Red PRO Hard Drives Ideal for the QNAP TVS-h674 NAS?

The WD Red Pro has numerous features that make it ideal for a powerful NAS like the TVS-h674. Let us find out what these elements are:

Designed for Optimum Compatibility with NAS Products

The WD Red PRO uses NASware technology, making everything easier for users by removing the guesswork when selecting a drive. QNAP uses a unique algorithm that balances reliability and performance in RAID and NAS environments. Also, The Red PRO drives prove the thorough compatibility testing and NAS partner technology engagement of WD.

Enlarged NAS Bay Shock Protection

With its dynamic fly height technology, the Red PRO drives adjust each read-write function to keep data protected. It also uses the multi-axis shock sensor that detects occurrences of slight shock. WD combined these technologies to ensure the installed drives in large NAS enclosures offer increased drive reliability.

Reliability and Compatibility

The Red PRO is not like conventional desktop drives. WD performed unique tests on this drive to ensure NAS compatibility and the best performance. As a result, they can handle the always-on environment of a RAID or NAS better than desktop drives.

Error Recovery Controls

The WD Red PRO has error recovery controls as part of the NASware 3.0, making it work best in NAS and RAID environments. These tools also prevent the chances of drive fallout in RAID applications. 

Protected from Vibration and Noise

WD designed Red PRO for solo operation and can operate excellently in NAS systems with multiple bays. Plus, this NAS drive has protection from vibration and noise to deliver smoother performance.

3D Active Balance Plus

Imbalanced drives may cause excess noise and vibration in a multi-drive system. When this happens, it can shorten the lifespan of the hard drives and cause inefficiency over time.

To fix this, WD improved its dual-plane balance control technology for better drive reliability and performance. 

Extended Drive Testing

A NAS with up to 24 bays is demanding on hard drives due to the increased heat and vibration. And as mentioned, these factors can cause the performance of the Red PRO to degrade. So WD ships the drives with extended thermal cycle burn-in testing.

The company always ensures that each drive is reliable enough for extended operation.

The Excellent Performance of the WD Red PRO Hard Drives with the QNAP TVS-h674

When we tested the QNAP TVS-h674, we used the WD Red PRO drives as a backup. We also transferred daily media files while editing to see their maximum capacity.

In our tests, we did not notice any read/write errors, and these worked excellently. The scores were also fast, thanks to their efficiency combined with the impressive specs of the TVS-h674.

The market offers many NAS hard drives, but the WD Red PRO is ideal for long-term and continuous use. These will also match the longevity and efficiency of the TVS-h674.

QNAP TVS-h674 Review Summary

As expected, QNAP released another impressive NAS that stands out from the competition. For this new TVS-h674, the company introduced new hardware generations and added unique features to deliver better performance.

Aside from the new features, we were pleased with the QTS 5.0 upgrades and other QNAP software. And as mentioned in this QNAP TVS-h674 Review, QTS 5.0 has always been the best NAS operating system. From our tests, we saw that QNAP continues to deliver the best.

The powerful specs of this NAS make it ideal for taking advantage of various QNAP software like the Container Station. And aside from working as a storage device, it is perfect for video surveillance.

If you need a highly versatile NAS, we highly recommend the new TVS-h674 from QNAP. 

To learn more about the TVS-h674, visit the official product page of QNAP for more information.