razer hammerhead ps5 Razer Hammerhead Hyperspeed Review

Razer Hammerhead Hyperspeed Review

We are writing our Razer Hammerhead Hyperspeed Review today to discuss these in-ear buds from Razer. Interestingly, earbuds are slowly becoming a favourite in the gaming sphere. It is also ideal for people who want a headset for audio listening and communicating with top-notch quality. 

Hammerhead Hyperspeed is the latest release from Razer and a comparable model to the AirPods. You can choose between two versions, but our Razer Hammerhead Hyperspeed Review will focus on the PS5 version. 

Razer Hammerhead Hyperspeed Packaging

Our earbuds shipped in a box that was Playstation-like. Its vibe and overall design had the brand aesthetics, save for the presence of the Razer logo in front. 

razer hammerhead hyperspeed ps5 review1 Razer Hammerhead Hyperspeed Review razer hammerhead hyperspeed ps5 review2 Razer Hammerhead Hyperspeed Review

This area also displays the PlayStation logo, an image of the product, the product name, and its primary features. We love how the company shows everything for us to find the necessary information about the product.

Inside, the Hammerhead Hyperspeed ships with additional accessories, including the following:

  • A USB-C transmitter
  • Assorted silicone ear tips
  • One charging case
  • A single braided USB-C charging cable

Razer Hammerhead Hyperspeed Review – Design and Functionality

We will discuss its design and functions in our Razer Hammerhead Hyperspeed Review to determine its build and quality.

This particular model focuses on a black-and-white theme to match the style aesthetics of the PS5. It even supports the low-latency Hyperspeed standard of Razer and Bluetooth 5.2. These earbuds also sport a small dongle/adapter that lets you plug into USB-C ports of consoles. 

Comfort-wise, the Hammerhead Hyperspeed has an ergonomic shape. Despite having a long, cylindrical-shaped part on the base of its earpiece, wearing these for hours is still comfortable. 

razer hammerhead hyperspeed ps5 review3 Razer Hammerhead Hyperspeed Review razer hammerhead hyperspeed ps5 review4 Razer Hammerhead Hyperspeed Review razer hammerhead hyperspeed ps5 review5 Razer Hammerhead Hyperspeed Review razer hammerhead hyperspeed ps5 review6 Razer Hammerhead Hyperspeed Review razer hammerhead hyperspeed ps5 review7 Razer Hammerhead Hyperspeed Review razer hammerhead hyperspeed ps5 review8 Razer Hammerhead Hyperspeed Review razer hammerhead hyperspeed ps5 review9 Razer Hammerhead Hyperspeed Review

Aside from being comfortable, these earbuds are also lightweight. That means you could forget that they are there in your ears. 

Moreover, the Hammerhead Hyperspeed can adapt to different ear types since Razer offers three pairs of earpieces. 

Conveniently, the product integrates the Razer Chroma RGB effects. This element allows the company logo on each earbud to cycle through different colours. But on its charging case, you will find the PlayStation logo in the centre. 

The Hammerhead Hyperspeed ships with a USB-C transmitter, so you do not have to purchase one. This element makes the product compatibility and function limited to the PS5. Remember, there are no compartments on the charging case. That means the dongle will stay plugged into your console/computer. 

If you are on the go, your primary means of connection to compatible devices will be via Bluetooth.

The Hammerhead Hyperspeed sports touch-sensitive controls that let you manage everything. And instead of a tap-and-release function like with most earbuds, these require more of a tap-and-hold process. 

If you want to shift from Bluetooth to gaming audio or vice-versa, triple-tap on the earbuds. However, the process does not work with phone calls, so you cannot switch from making phone calls while gaming. 

You can also wear either the left or right when linked via Bluetooth if you prefer wearing single earbuds. However, remember that only the right earbud independently functions when connected via a USB transmitter. 

Key Features of the Razer Hammerhead Hyperspeed

To learn more about these earbuds, our Razer Hammerhead Hyperspeed Review provides a breakdown of its product features. These will help determine if the Hammerhead Hyperspeed is ideal for your needs.

Play Anytime and Anywhere

Game comfortably with the Hammerhead Hyperspeed, no matter where you are. These earbuds offer distraction-free and untethered performance for the ultimate enjoyment. 

With 2.4GHz gaming-grade wireless + Bluetooth 5.2, you can play anywhere and carry your earbuds everywhere. 

Hyperspeed Wireless 

These earbuds deliver a fast 2.4GHz wireless connection thanks to their USB-C dongle. That means you can guarantee to enjoy seamless, low-latency audio that meets all competitive gaming needs. 

ANC for Your Needs

It does not matter if you are gaming with friends, listening to your favourite tunes, or watching movies. These earbuds help remove all your distractions with the help of its Active Noise Cancellation feature. 

What does it do? It detects and nullifies unnecessary ambient noise, letting you enjoy gaming or music-listening without disruptions.  

Razer Hammerhead Hyperspeed + Dual ENC Microphones

Aside from ANC, the Hammerhead Hyperspeed features dual ENC or environmental noise-cancelling mics. These are elements to detect, determine, and decrease unnecessary background noise. With this feature, you can enjoy clear voice communication using these earbuds. 

Bluetooth 5.2 

Boosted bandwidth, energy efficiency, and Bluetooth 5.2 range help make the product last longer. Plus, it will immediately link to the latest paired device for more convenient handling. 

Bluetooth is needed for casual gaming when you are not too concerned with latency. It is also ideal when taking calls, watching videos, and listening to music while on the go.

Powered by Razer Chroma RGB

Go crazy with 16.8 million colours, plus a collection of effects to customise your earbuds. Show off your style and stand out while gaming or jamming to music with your Hammerhead Hyperspeed.

Up to 30 Hours of Battery Life

We put the earbuds to the test for our Razer Hammerhead Hyperspeed Review, and we enjoyed continuous hours of use. In addition, it gave us enhanced power control and a charging case, allowing us to game more and charge less. 


This section of our Razer Hammerhead Hyperspeed Review will focus on the specifications of these earbuds. 

  • 20Hz to 20kHz frequency response
  • 16 Ω headphone impedance
  • 91dB @1mW / 1kHz sensitivity
  • 5mW input power on the maximum input
  • 10mm headphone drivers
  • Bluetooth 5.2 for its connection
  • 0.5m Type-C charging cable
  • It weighs approximately 53g

On the microphone, it sports an omnidirectional pick-up pattern and a 64dB signal-to-noise ratio. Plus, it has a -26 dBFS sensitivity @1kHz. 

We also listed the compatible devices the Hammerhead Hyperspeed can work with: 

  • PS5
  • PC or mac
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets 
  • Handheld gaming devices with USB-A/C ports or Bluetooth audio capabilities 

Hands-on with the Razer Hammerhead Hyperspeed 

Audio Quality + Microphone Performance

We also used the earbuds while playing FPS games, and the sounds they reproduced were perfect in space. So, we were able to detect sounds within the game environment. We also noticed that its audio quality was ideal for mobile gaming. 

Remember that EQ profiles, even the custom ones, are inefficient for filling potential gaps. Nevertheless, the earbuds offer a variety of audio feedback. 

We also used the Hammerhead Hyperspeed while playing FPS games. The sounds it produced were excellent, so we detected sounds effectively in-game. Additionally, we noticed how ideal its audio quality was for mobile gaming. 

Sounds also moved with our in-game character despite shifting left to right on-screen. While gaming, the earbuds also let us hear audio moving to the left/right on the screen. We received the real POV experience while using the Hammerhead Hyperspeed.  

Music-wise, the smartphone AAC format of the product optimised sound clarity, making audio crisp and nuanced. There was also perfect balance without distortions and the like. 

We love how the ENC technology worked since it picked up sounds nicely. It was like ANC applied to the human voice. 

Active Noise Cancelling

We appreciate Razer for integrating the ANC feature into their earbuds since it optimised the richness of its audio. Furthermore, it reduced and cancelled unnecessary audio without disturbing our listening experience. 

There were also haptic shortcuts that allowed us to enable/disable features. But we noticed that noise cancellation could have been better. For example, ANC muffled ambient sounds and partially covered audio. 

Technically, it successfully worked but was not 100% in our books. 

Touch Controls and Responsiveness

We do not have any issues with its touch controls since these were high-quality, accurate, and responsive when registering keystrokes. There were no instances of us repeating movements to operate the necessary functions. 

Battery Life and Performance

While testing these earbuds for our Razer Hammerhead Hyperspeed Review, we also observed their battery life and performance. 

It is crucial information, especially for everyone who uses their earbuds daily and for hours. And to our delight, we saw how impressive its battery life was. 

We used the Hammerhead Hyperspeed for hours: first with gaming, making calls, and then listening to music. 

Let us discuss more on its battery life while we used it for our tests: 

  • We tried the earbuds with their ANC and lighting disabled and received 6.5 hours of use on the earbuds. Then we received 26 hours of charge in its case.
    On a full charge of its case, we received 32.5 hours of use.
  • Then, we received four hours on the headphones with their illumination and ANC features switched on. We also received 16 hours in the case with four recharges, totalling 20 hours. 

But what we loved most about the Hammerhead Hyperspeed is we could fully charge it in only a few minutes. And it is because of the quick-charge feature of its carrying case. 

Razer Hammerhead Hyperspeed Review Summary

True Wireless Stereo or TWS gaming earbuds are not new and are available under different brands. Many manufacturers also brag about how excellent their products are in terms of performance.

However, not all of them are as good as claimed, specifically when used on consoles. But fortunately, Razer changed that. 

The Hammerhead Hyperspeed is a wireless pair of earbuds for the PS5, making it perfect for gamers. However, it is also ideal for users who often switch from gaming to listening to music and taking calls. 

To conclude our Razer Hammerhead Hyperspeed Review, the Hammerhead Hyperspeed from Razer is an excellent product. So if you have a PS5 at home and need a pair of quality-performing earbuds, we highly recommend the product.

And to learn more about the Hammerhead Hyperspeed, visit the Razer official site for more details.