beedrive banner Synology BeeDrive Review - The Ideal Personal Backup Hub

Synology BeeDrive Review – The Ideal Personal Backup Hub

With how much data and files we all have, an efficient backup solution is necessary for everyone. Today, we will check what Synology offers in our Synology BeeDrive Review. 

The Synology BeeDrive is ideal for everyone, even those who are not too tech-savvy. It allows user-friendly backing up and syncing of data like videos, photos, and essential documents. It is a safer and more private way to store files without recurring costs and data intercepted online. 

Yes, everything can be this easy with the BeeDrive. And you can learn more about it in our Synology BeeDrive Review. Get insights on its design, functions, features, specs, and performance to determine if this data keeper is for you. 

Synology BeeDrive Packaging

The BeeDrive shipped in a simple cardboard box with a sticker in front carrying all its information. The package has a fairly-standard exterior and interior framework, so your focus will be on the BeeDrive. 

synology beedrive review4 Synology BeeDrive Review - The Ideal Personal Backup Hub synology beedrive review5 Synology BeeDrive Review - The Ideal Personal Backup Hub

Inside, you will get all items necessary to connect the SSD to your compatible devices. These include the drive, a USB-C to C cable, and a USB-C to A converter for older machines. Other than these, Synology also included a few instructional leaflets for your reference. 

As expected from the company, the quality and make of all components in the package are high. Although these are not eye-catching, they are all branded adequately, like every other Synology product. 

Synology BeeDrive Review – Design and Functionality

The BeeDrive is storage that fits your palm since it measures 65 x 65 x 15mm. Despite its size, it has plenty of features to make the product your backup hub. 

The storage features an all-black matte design adding to its premium aesthetic and elegance. Other than looking stylish, the BeeDrive is also resistant to fingerprints. Its matte body guarantees that the storage will maintain its fingerprint-free appearance even with regular handling. 

When looking at the BeeDrive, you will notice that it is tiny and lightweight. The company continued to improve and optimise storage capacity per cell. Thus resulting in a product using a small-form M.2 NVMe SSD drive. 

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Generally, its drive has an understated presentation: a flat black piece with an indicator light displaying activity and connection. It is also pocketable, allowing you to slip it into your pockets or bag. 

At the top, you will find a LED indicator and the BeeDrive logo. The light visually indicates the status of your product. 

On its base, you will see the regulatory markings with other details like the device model, serial number, etc. Conveniently, you will find a USB 3.2 Gen2 port on the side, ensuring convenient access to the port. We appreciate Synology for doing this to keep a clean and uncluttered design on the BeeDrive. 

Synology BeeDrive Functions

While writing our Synology BeeDrive Review, we noticed a few options that back up your desktop and mobile. You can even utilise it with the provided software for syncing data between machines. 

The Beedrive is a plug-and-play product, and Synology adds a USB-C to A converter if needed. Its transfer speed is 10Gbps which is faster than uploading to a cloud. The best part is you can do this even without an internet connection. 

Key Features of the Synology BeeDrive

What features does this new Synology product have? Is it a good storage solution? Learn more about its features and see what makes it unique.

The Personal Backup Hub

It does not matter what files you store since BeeDrive lets you gather all data saved across different devices. 

Synology BeeDrive Data Privacy

With the BeeDrive, all your data is stored locally, eliminating all your issues with third-party access. 

No Subscription Fees with Synology BeeDrive

While writing our Synology BeeDrive Review, we learned about the no subscription fee feature of the product. With the BeeDrive, you can stop constantly paying to expand your cloud storage plans.

Synology BeeDrive – Accessible 24/7

Using File Explorer, you can retrieve your files anytime on any computer.

Get Real-time Backup of Folders on the PC

Ensure real-time backup of directories on your computer by handpicking folders you wish to safeguard. Experience the convenience of changes instantly replicated to BeeDrive, while preserving up to five previous versions. It is to protect against unintentional overwrites.

Sync Data with Ease Between Computers Using Synology BeeDrive 

Effortlessly synchronise data between your various computers without interruption. With BeeDrive, connect it to automatically sync your most recent modifications, guaranteeing a smooth workflow regardless of location.

Backup Photos Wirelessly from Your Phones

Do you want to avoid paying cloud subscription fees, or are you running out of space? No matter the reason, BeeDrive offers video and photo backup over WiFi, allowing you to free storage space. 

BeeDrop files from iOS or Android to Windows

Conveniently transfer photos, images, and other content to your PC. Once you do, they will instantly become available in your File Explorer. 

Top-notch High-speed Storage

With BeeDrive, you can expect to have fast backups. Why? Because the product has support and power from its integrated SSD. 

Now, our Synology BeeDrive Review will share information about the storage specifications. These will tell if the product is adequate for your needs.


  • Capacity: Options include 1TB and 2TB
  • File System: exFat
  • Speed: Up to 1050MB/s
  • Connector: USB 3.2 Gen2 (10Gbps)
  • Dimensions: 65 x 65 x 15mm
  • Weight: 43g
  • Warranty: 3 years

PC Requirements

  • BeeDrive for PC: Windows 10 (version 1809 or higher), Windows 11, macOS (coming soon)

Mobile Requirements

  • iOS 15 or later
  • Android 10 or later

Hands-on with the Synology BeeDrive

Before we share our hands-on experience in our Synology BeeDrive Review, let us briefly discuss its software. 

Like most Synology products, the appeal of Synology BeeDrive is its software. The software is in the product allowing users to install and run it for the first time. 

When you link the BeeDrive to your computer/laptop, you can start accessing it in Windows File Explorer. It will function like a standard external hard drive, which is convenient for everyone. 

Upon opening it, you will find an installation file which is BeeDrive online installer.exe.

Once you find the file, open it, and click Install Now. It is worth noting that your computer needs to connect to the internet. Remember, the installer needs to download the current version of the software from Synology servers. 

If you are worried about its duration, do not worry. It will only take about a minute or two to complete the process. 

After completing the download/installation, you will receive a confirmation notification that states, Your BeeDrive is Ready. From there, click Start Now to go over the next step. 

Afterwards, sign in to your Synology Account – enter your username and password to create one. If you already have an account, you can use your login to access the BeeDrive app. 

A setup wizard will appear after you plug in the BeeDrive for the first time. It will help you configure your PC storage. For an optimal choice, examine each option available, and see which one fits best with your needs. 

Using BeeDrive Software

The software has a computer backup feature that allows you to select specific folders for backup. After setting and plugging the BeeDrive, the product will immediately automate the backup of chosen folders. 

Its software offers plenty of customisation options for fine-tuning your backups. These processes include reverting to older versions and maintaining about five versions of a given backup file. 

It also provides size policies and file format to guarantee that non-essential bulky files are excluded. For the important ones, these are sure to be backed up. 

The file synchronisation feature lets you select which data you want to keep in sync. Any modifications or updates you make will automatically update the corresponding Beedrive version. 

Additionally, this feature safeguards your files by storing the five most recent versions in memory. It will provide a safety net in case accidental deletions or unintended saves occur. The functionality can be a lifesaver in times of disaster.

Furthermore, the software offers support for one-way and two-way synchronisation. It lets you determine if there should be mirrored files. You will also know if one device is the primary point of creation while the other functions as a backup.

The remarkable aspect of Beedrive is its versatility. You can easily install the Bee Drive software on other computers and seamlessly use it without hassles or complications.

Additionally, BeeDrive works with up to five PC clients. It is ideal for users who usually shift between Windows machines and for those who do live synchronisation upon connection. With this, you can have a portable master drive seamlessly connecting with multiple systems.  

Cross-platform support already exists with BeeDrive, which has Android and iOS support. The feature is further optimised and converts HEIC to JPEG within the BeeDrive and its software. It allows for smooth image transfers and viewing between client profiles.


We will also look into BeeDrop in our Synology BeeDrive Review. With the BeeDrive, you can use its BeeDrop feature, which works similarly to the Airdrop feature of Apple. 

The only difference is that BeeDrop can work for both iOS and Android. With the BeeDrive app, you only have to click the paper plane icon and select what you want to send. These can include photos, files, or images from your phone camera. 

The photo transfers are fast, and everything is immediately available on the PC. Of course, if your files are like 4K HDR, expect it to take longer. However, it will still process faster than dragging and dropping files. 

Speed and Performance of the Synology BeeDrive 

Let us also discuss its speed performance in this Synology BeeDrive Review. The BeeDrive claims to transfer data at around 10Gbps using a USB-C connection. We received peak read/write speeds of about 8Gbps during our tests. 

We stored large video files that reached 8.5GB. These all came from our laptop, which we sent to the BeeDrive. It only took us 12 seconds to complete and was a convenient treat. 

The initial backup took some time, given the files we have on our laptops. However, the incremental backups took a few moments at a time. 

BeeDrive offers a collection of impressive features. However, a limitation is that it needs to link via USB to the PC client when operating. 

Compared to WiFi-supported external drives running on battery, the BeeDrive can only work when linked to a computer. The latter communicates with the connected clients through the network adapter/LAN. 

Despite this, it still packs more advantages and here is an example. For people who usually work off-site (photoshoots, video production on location, etc.), BeeDrive offers an automated means to back up data. 

Every backup and synchronisation happens automatically by linking the BeeDrive to the primary machine. 

Synology BeeDrive Review Summary

The BeeDrive is an impressive external SSD that quickly sends files to Windows PC over WiFi. It is an excellent backup option, and the company has already included its software with the product.

The BeeDrive perfectly balances functionality and speed, which appeals to different budgets. Its massive storage capacity, compact design, and drop protection add to its value for money.

You must be aware that the BeeDrive is an entry-level backup solution before purchasing the BeeDrive. It is most suitable for those who prefer hardware for data management. And while it is easier to use than a NAS, it has fewer features and functions. 

A NAS may have a steeper learning curve and requires your system to be powered 24/7. But of course, it offers more capabilities than the BeeDrive. Always remember the BeeDrive will not work as a replacement or alternative for a NAS.

Synology only launched the BeeDrive recently and will likely improve its integration into the Synology ecosystem. Although its performance was good in our tests, it is too early to evaluate the product. We will see more of what it can deliver when its capabilities, support, and integration expand.

As we always expect from Synology, the BeeDrive is a high-quality product with excellent hardware and software. It has a premium and durable build with a user-friendly interface, making it easy to recommend.

Visit the official Synology product page to learn more about BeeDrive.