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Synology C2 Password Review

We’re writing our Synology C2 Password Review today, and it’ll focus on everything about the software.

The Synology C2 Password is a vital tool since we have numerous passwords we use. It’s good to manage and organise these to protect and avoid losing them. 

Surprisingly, Synology also offers software, and not everyone knows about it. Instead, the company is known for creating the best NAS for SOHO, home, and SMB use.

We’ve looked at and reviewed different Synology products, so we’re checking their C2 Password software.

Synology C2 Password Review – Design and Functionality

Let’s begin this Synology C2 Password Review and discuss the software’s functions and design. But before getting more in-depth with C2 Password, what is the software, and how does it work?

What is Synology C2 Password?

C2 is Synology’s suite of cloud services. And like everything else under the company, the software has a personal and business version available. There are a couple of options for individuals, and one of them is C2 Storage.  

C2 Password allows you to safely share files by requiring those on the receiving end to provide authentication. If you’re the sender, you can add text/image watermarks to increase the level of security on the file. 

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Additionally, you can set the program to only download files once. Doing so will only allow authorised people to receive the files. 

All data will be AES-256 encrypted/decrypted at its destination, and transferring files relies on a zero-knowledge system. It means all data won’t be shared elsewhere and will only be between the sender and receiver. And to guarantee its security and safety, Synology C2 servers don’t even have the data transferred. 

The C2 Password’s capabilities cover the basics, and here’s what they are: 

  • Password and identity storage like a passport, driver’s licence, Medicare card numbers, etc.
  • Account login details like emails, router login details, secure notes, etc. 
  • Bank cards 

Free Plan VS Plus Plan

Our Synology C2 Password Review will give you the essential information you’ll need to know more about the software. And an important thing to note is that the C2 Password is entirely cloud-based. 

You’ll need a Synology account to access the C2 Password. Either one you’re using for QuickConnect, or signup and create an account for the software. 

Their free plan offers all the core features of the software. These include the capacity to store up to 10,000 files, autosave/autofill, and cross-device syncing. You can use the C2 Password on your mobile and desktop without ads. 

The Plus plan of C2 Password has the same features as the Free plan. But of course, it offers a few extras. Some of these include the chance to have a shared vault with others and keep item attachments. 

Key Features of the Synology C2 Password

Why is a password manager necessary? We’ll discuss this software’s key features in our Synology C2 Password Review to help determine if you need one.

Easy Password Management

C2 Password automatically generates and stores passwords securely. It makes managing your credentials across multiple devices more simple.

Secure Items

With C2 Password, you can store passwords and other sensitive data like bank details, addresses, and passport information. Aside from storing files, it keeps everything sorted by tags, categories, and favourites.

Password Generator

When creating passwords, you can see their strength. You can also let C2 Password generate a complex one for you.

Unlimited Cross-device Synchronisation

When you add items to one device, you can access them anytime. Do this via mobile apps, browser extensions, or the C2 Password website.

Autofill Passwords

C2 Password automatically saves credentials that you fill in at login screens. You won’t have to memorise all your passwords.

Simple and Secure Sharing

You can allow others to access items without the risk of exposure, thanks to C2 Password’s secure architecture. It works by keeping your privacy protected. You can also invite trusted people to a shared vault via email to give them access to credentials.

Protect Sensitive Data

Your stored items in a shared vault are accessible only through an organised and secure portal. Sensitive items are private in your storage within the software. We’ll discuss our user experience with this feature later in our Synology C2 Password Review.

Secure File Sending

C2 Password allows for secure sending of files. You can add text or image watermarks, require authentication from the receiver, or allow one-time download only.

End-to-end Encryption

With AES-256 encryption, you can ensure that your data stays protected. Fully encrypted C2 servers provide comprehensive protection at all times.

Designed for security

C2 Password never shares the encryption and decryption key for your data. It’s only on your device, and Synology C2 servers can’t even access this.


We’re discussing the software’s specifications and system requirements in our Synology C2 Password Review. It’s to see if this password manager is compatible with your available devices.

You can use C2 Password on all popular browsers via a web portal and download the C2 Password browser extension for free. Get it on Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. It also supports Android and iOS mobile apps.

Hands-on with the Synology C2 Password

If you already have a Synology NAS and an account, setting up C2 Password will be easy. It will also be easier if you’ve used the SSO option when creating the account.

But if you have to create one, you only need an email address to sign up for a Synology account.

The best thing about creating an account for C2 Password is it doesn’t require a credit card. So, you won’t have to worry about unexpected automatic subscriptions and charges.

Once you log in, C2 Password will ask you to choose between the Free or the paid Plus plan. The pricing of the paid plan varies based on the data centre you select. You can choose from APAC (Taiwan), Europe (Frankfurt), and North America (Seattle).

Remember to carefully choose since you can’t change this once you complete the process. 

Next, you’ll need to choose an encryption key. Never lose it because if you do, you won’t have access to your password vault. 

After selecting your key, you’ll receive a recovery key and see the primary dashboard, My Vault.

Aside from My Vault, the C2 Password has other tabs. On the bottom left of the screen is Tab: Password Generator. It’s where we generated passwords and adjusted their strengths by length, capitalisation, numbers, and special characters. Generated passwords were accessible for copy-pasting on the clipboard.

From here, we also added and imported items. It also had the option to get a form to fill out and import existing data. Importing requires downloading a CSV template to fill out and reupload into the personal vault.

When transferring files, the top of the window has two tabs: My Vault and File Transfer. This window was almost blank, so we clicked on File Transfer to try uploading files. The area offers security options for keeping the files safe before sharing these with others. 

To share files, all we needed was the person’s email address and the file’s link. Recipients instantly received updates about the shared file. For a receiver to access the file, they’ll need to input the same email address and the one-time use code in their email.

The C2 Password’s interface was simple and easy to understand. It allowed us to use each feature, and we didn’t have problems with this password manager.

While testing this software for our Synology C2 Password Review, a couple of features impressed us. We liked how it stored and auto-filled out passwords when triggered. 

We used this software via desktop and mobile, and we didn’t notice any flaws.

Searching for our entries was easy once we received our credentials stored in C2 Password. All we had to do was click on it and get all the necessary details. 

Hovering near the URL provided us with our website login records. These were accessible by opening it in a new browser tab.

When updating entries, the software records the date and time of modification. It also has a recycle bin that keeps deleted entries for 365 days just in case restoring data is necessary.

Overall, C2 Password is an excellent solution for securely storing data. Aside from being secure, it’s simple, easy to use, and organised, making it one of the best password managers.

Synology C2 Password Review Summary

Nowadays, security has become a common concern. With the need for multiple accounts, we also need to use different complex passwords. 

Synology’s C2 Password solves this global problem, and from our experience, it worked as advertised. This password manager has all the excellent features to keep your credentials safe and secure. It also provides a simple way to manage your data and share files with others.

With its ease of use and guaranteed security, we highly recommend C2 Password.

To learn about the C2 Password, visit Synology’s official product page for more information.