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Thrustmaster eSwap Pro Controller Review

Having a good or bad controller could be the sole difference in a game. Whether it be FPS, racing, sport, or strategy, the feel of a great controller can change the game. In our Thrustmaster eSwap Pro Controller review, we will discover what makes this controller the best in the game.

Thrustmaster is well known for being the top tier when it comes to game accessories. They design, develop, and manufacture all kinds of game components. Whether it be on the PC or video game console, they have something for everybody.

Now let’s move on to see what’s in store.

Thrustmaster eSwap Pro Controller Packaging

The Thrustmaster eSwap Pro Controller comes in a black box with the product model in front. At the top, you can see the logo of Sony’s PS4. This indicates that this is an official Sony licensed product. At the lower half, you will find the name of the brand, which is Thrustmaster.

Some of its features are also indicated on the front of the box. At the right side of the package, you will find some instructions regarding the software of the controller.  

thrustmaster controller photos 01 thrustmaster controller photos 02

At the back, you will find the diagram of the product and the descriptions. This provides extra information on the controller and its parts. 

At the lower section, it shows the other accessories you may swap with the controller.

The opening comes from the right side, so you just pull along the right-hand corner. Inside, you will find the controller as well as the instruction manual for the device. 

The controller is sheltered around a comfortable dark foam to keep it safe. This is to protect the item when being shipped across the globe. 

Inside, there is a small long black box that holds the 2-meter long braided USB cable and the provided tool for swapping. There is also a pouch to hold the controller when travelling. 

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With these, Thrustmaster ensures the safety of their products. Now let’s move on to the next part of our Thrustmaster eSwap Pro Controller review.

Thrustmaster eSwap Pro Controller – Design and Functionality

In this section of our Thrustmaster eSwap Pro Controller review, we will be discussing its design and functions. 

The Thrustmaster eSwap Pro Controller has the features of the average gaming controller. It was made for PC gamers and console gamers alike. With its black finish and refined touch, it gives off a premium design.

The core design of the Thrustmaster eSwap Pro Controller focuses on versatility. This is to be able to adapt to any play style. The controller also allows the swapping of parts and remapping. This makes customisations painless.

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When it comes to gaming, we want the feel of our controllers to be as real as possible. The Thrustmaster eSwap Pro Controller has a tactile press. This means that each button allows the player to feel more connected with the controller.

This is a new design in the controller where additional buttons are placed. It allows the player to set up additional keys for the controller. There may be times when you just don’t have enough buttons, so having this new design can really help that.

The Thrustmaster eSwap Pro Controller was made with the idea to last. Most problems when it comes to wired controllers are the wires coming off accidentally. The new plugin cord attachment locks the cord in place within the controller to prevent any damages.

Overall, the Thrustmaster eSwap Pro Controller was built to perform. With endless customisations and quick and direct buttons; this brings a new standard to the gaming platform.

Key Features of the Thrustmaster eSwap Pro Controller

This time on our Thrustmaster eSwap Pro Controller review, we will be looking over the product’s key features.

T-MOD Technology

The main feature of the Thrustmaster eSwap Pro Controller is its revolutionary swappable modules. When it comes to games, setting up controls can be backbreaking when the controller has limited options. 

With the unique swap feature, you can change how you want your controller to be. Even in-game, you can change the modules to best fit your play style.

Ultra Responsiveness

As we have said before, when gaming, we want the feel to be as real as possible. The Thrustmaster eSwap Pro Controller issues a tactile press for quick and direct press. 

The tactile switches in each module and button are a must whenever it comes to comfortable gameplay.

With this, feeling clear clicks mechanically increases the sensation of control. Players will never have to worry about response times. 

Additionally, each press heightens the player’s feel with the controller, allowing them to experience surgical precision in-game.


Customisation in-game should always be just as good outside the game. With the Thrustmapper, you can remap your buttons for any game. Whether it be Call of Duty, NBA2K19, or GTA V, adjusting and mastering your controls gives you the edge to play better.

Although the software is only available for Windows10, PS4™ already recognises this device. Therefore, you won’t need to worry about any installations for all your PlayStation gamers out there.

Endless Compound Modules

With over 5,000,000 activations on all buttons, controllers never felt more alive. There are even 2,000,000 and more activations for the pre-calibrated mini-sticks. This provides a full range of flavours and custom kits.

The swap feature has any interchangeable modules out there in the market. Just find the one that best fits your play style and swap it out. This brings personality into your play. 

Console Diversity

The Thrustmaster eSwap Pro Controller can work with both PC and PS4. So to those of you devoted console gamers who don’t want to part with your controllers, this is an alternative. 

It may also influence regular PC gamers to try using a controller once in a while. It acts as a bridge between the two since both PC and console gamers have been at each other for years. 

Lastly, the Thrustmaster eSwap Pro Controller grants the player maximum efficiency for gaming. With its alert response times and systemic remapping, it provides you with the perfect controller for any game.


Moving forward on our Thrustmaster eSwap Pro Controller review, we will be tackling the technical aspects of the device.

The Thrustmaster eSwap Pro Controller is the standard full-size PS4 controller, but it resembles the thickness of an Xbox controller. 

It utilises tact switches which are common among other elite controllers and is a wired controller.

It has full remapping control settings. Rear buttons are programmable independently as well. They may be deactivatable independently too when the need arises.

The mini-sticks are adjustable and have sensitivity curves with three sensitivity zones for accurate settings. 

To be precise as possible, re-adjustable values are up to 255x. You may even heighten the length of the mini-stick to the standard analog stick height. 

The gamepad has adjustable vibration settings from 0% to 100%. It may also be altered independently for both sides.

The controller can have up to 2 different presets. This enhances gaming ergonomics and optimisations for comfort to meet your preferred specifications.

The cord that connects the controller to the console or pc is a braided USB cable. It is quite big towards the end when connected to the controller. This is to prevent it from coming off during play. 

Now enough with the techy stuff, let’s get into how the controller plays, feels, and works.

Hands-on with the Thrustmaster eSwap Pro Controller

In this section of our Thrustmaster eSwap Pro Controller review, we will get handsy with the device to check on its performance. Let’s start off with the controller.

When the Thrustmaster eSwap Pro Controller first arrived, we were excited. There were no connection issues when plugged. We also tested for both the PC and the PS4 and it came out better than expected.

The feel of the controller was lightweight and compact as well as the modules. When testing the device, it felt like any other controller. 

The difference was the responsiveness. With the DualShock, you could feel a fair amount of travel when pressing between buttons. But with the Thrustmaster eSwap Pro Controller, it alleviates that feeling.

With its satisfying tactile buttons, switching between buttons happens almost instantly. It administers direct and quick clicks than the standard controller. It also plays with almost zero travel delays.

After testing out the feel, we wanted to try our own variations of the controller setup. We swapped modules every now and then between players. 

We switched the mini-sticks with the d-pad, tried different heightened analog sticks, and added extended clips to the R and L buttons. 

Every combination had its own purpose for each game and play style. When switching the mini-sticks, players who are more familiar with Xbox controllers had an easier time playing. 

This is because Xbox controllers have the left analog stick in the upper left. It allowed them to play without altering their playstyle. 

With the heightened right and left analog sticks, it allowed more thumb control and dead-zone management. When playing FPS games, using a higher right analog stick gives better thumb control for their aim. 

Adding extensions to the R and L buttons also brought benefits. This is because it heightens the sense of touch. The extended clip feels like a trigger waiting to be pressed. 

thrustmaster software

The next thing we did was remapping. We wanted to test out how much we can change within our controller. With the Thrustmapper, managing our controls was child’s play. 

Every single button was mappable, granting you interchangeable functions. It also lets you reduce the extent of the dead-zone, which gives you better mapping in your travel and accuracy.

Additionally, we checked on the preset feature. With the Thrustmaster eSwap Pro Controller, the player is given two presets in which they can have their preferred settings in place. 

Switching between those two presets is simple and effective. With just one tap, you can swap between setups. This removes the limitations of a regular controller.

With how it performed, we love that Thrustmaster provides not only versatility but equilibrium among players. 

By allowing players to innovate their controllers to their liking, it removes the wall of having to adjust to a regular controller.

Thrustmaster eSwap Pro Controller Review Summary

Thrustmaster has come up yet again with another incredible controller. It was made with the mindset for competitive play and helps give you an advantage when gaming.

The controller is incredibly comfortable and offers a wealth of customisation options which allows you to truly configure the controller to your play style.

We highly recommend this product to anyone that is serious about gaming. If you want to learn more about this product, click here.