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ASUS ROG Chakram X Wireless Mouse Review

Today, we are writing our ASUS ROG Chakram X Wireless Mouse Review to focus on this wireless mouse from ASUS. 

The gaming mouse market is occasionally fascinating to observe. The focus of recent research appears to be on creating products that are lightweight or even super-lightweight. 

It leaves a void for mice categorised as heavyweight. With that, ASUS launched their ROG Chakram X, the successor to their Chakram mice. 

The Chakram X fills that void in the category of heavyweights. And it offers elements that lightweight gaming mice do not.

It has many notable features, a great design, and excellent functions, but is it worth the upgrade? Continue reading our ASUS ROG Chakram X Wireless Mouse Review to find out.

ASUS ROG Chakram X Wireless Mouse Packaging

The mouse arrived in a standard-looking package with an image of the product in front, its name, and company branding. Also, you will find some specifications to the right of the picture. 

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We also looked inside the box for our ASUS ROG Chakram X Wireless Mouse Review. Aside from the mouse, you will find a customisable joystick pad, a USB-A to C cable, and a joystick cover. There is a travel pouch, wireless USB dongle, two spare micro switches, a wireless dongle extender, switch remover, plus paperwork. 

ASUS ROG Chakram X Wireless Mouse Review – Design and Functionality

We noticed the Chakram X Wireless is a stunning unit while writing our ASUS ROG Chakram X Wireless Mouse Review. It feels high-quality because of the premium materials used by ASUS to give that luxurious feel. 

The mouse has a pleasing virtual design that blends nicely with the lit ROG logo for its badge. You can customise almost every inch of the mouse, from removing its joysticks and replacing one of the several options.

Also, it comes with a removable RGB plate which you can change with a blank. If not, you can go with the ROG logo. We like that you can remove the ROG logo for your logo/design, especially if you are the crafty type. 

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It is a feature you hardly see in mice and overall still feels solid. The customisation options do not compromise the user experience, making it even better. 

The front of the Chakram X Wireless is a USB-C connector. It gives you 25 hours of battery life after a 15-minute charge while bumping the polling rate at 8000Hz. 

Analogue Stick

We will also discuss this part of the mouse in our ASUS ROG Chakram X Wireless Mouse Review. Its analogue stick is the neatest feature of the mouse since it offers a level of control that is gamepad-like. 

However, it is slightly awkward and uncomfortable to utilise. It feels stiff compared to your standard gamepad stick despite being a taller one. 

Fortunately, the mouse also has a joystick cover that lets you shed the stick. It was more comfortable for us to use this way. 

Key Features of the ASUS ROG Chakram X Wireless Mouse 

Knowing the features of a product will help you decide if you should purchase it. Continue reading our ASUS ROG Chakram X Wireless Mouse Review to find out what it offers.

Unparalleled Speed and Precision

The Chakram X Wireless lets you conquer the battlefield with its 36000 DPI optical sensor and 8000 Hz polling rate. Using it allows you to enjoy excellent precision and superior control with its four-directional joystick and seven buttons.

Perfect Precision and Performance

The ROG AimPoint optical sensor offers excellent tracking with its high precision and sensitivity levels. It registers movements as fast as 650 IPS at up to 50g acceleration, resulting in swift and efficient strikes. 

Tri-mode Connectivity of the ASUS ROG Chakram X Wireless Mouse 

The Chakram X Wireless lets you connect up to three devices via Bluetooth fast pairing. You can also opt for wireless RF 2.4 GHz or wired connectivity.

New Programmable Joystick

The new joystick on the Chakram X allows you to reduce keyboard commands with its digital and analogue modes. It is a large joystick with a concave shape, making it closer to the palm for easy reach and control.

Analogue mode simulates a gamepad thumbstick or a real analogue joystick. You can use it like the WASD commands on your keyboard.

Digital mode lets you use the joystick as a button with four programmable directions. It is ideal for commands like switching weapons, reloading, opening a map, etc. You can set your preferred action.

Aside from the two modes, you can use a short or long joystick to accommodate different play styles. These joysticks are also in the packaging, so you can easily replace them.

Additional Commands

Set up to 11 functions on the Chakram X Wireless and enjoy custom controls for various games and tasks. Its onboard memory also saves up to five profiles for personalised settings accessible on the fly.

Push-fit Socket Switch II

The ROG-exclusive push-fit switch simplifies dropping in 3-pin mechanical or 4-pin optical micro switches. You can freely replace worn or damaged switches and adjust the operating force and feedback based on your preference.

70 Million Superior Click Feel

The ROG Micro Switch has a lifespan of up to 70 million clicks and increased durability with a gold-plated electro-junction. Its pivoted button mechanism guarantees excellent speed, consistency, and responsiveness for superior performance.

Smooth and Fast Gliding with the ASUS ROG Chakram X Wireless Mouse 

We executed moves seamlessly during our product tests for our ASUS ROG Chakram X Wireless Mouse Review. Thanks to the flexible and lightweight ROG Paracord, there were minimal drag and snags. It also has 100% PTFE feet that allow fast and smooth gliding. 

DPI On-the-Scroll

The DPI On-the-Scroll is a unique feature that enables you to adjust the mouse sensitivity. You can also click the button to cycle through four DPI levels.

Multiple Charging Options

The Chakram X Wireless has a battery life of up to 114 hours on a full charge for nonstop gaming. You can charge it with the USB cable or Qi wireless.

Personalise with Aura Sync Lighting

Customise the nine RGB zones of your Chakram X Wireless with a spectrum of colours and presets.

Armoury Crate for Additional Settings

Armoury Crate has an intuitive interface that allows you to tune the Chakram X Wireless to suit your play style. Here, you can adjust the surface calibration, program buttons, and customise other settings.


While unboxing for our ASUS ROG Chakram X Wireless Mouse Review, we realised the product is not too heavy. It weighs 127g and measures 132.7 x 76.6 x 42.8mm, making it fit nicely in the hands. 

The Chakram X Wireless has a USB 2.0, 2.4GHz wireless and Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity. Plus, it uses the AimPoint sensor from ASUS ROG itself. 

The mouse has a maximum DPI of 36000 and a polling rate of 8000 Hz (wired) and 1000Hz (wireless). And lastly, its battery can last up to 150 hours, and the mouse works with Windows 10. 

Hands-on with the ASUS ROG Chakram X Wireless Mouse

It was a treat when we used the ROG Chakram X Wireless for gaming since it offered excellent polling rates. It was good as advertised, and its speed came in handy while in the heat of battles in Warzone. 

Its sensor was impressively capable with its 36000 CPI sensitivity and consistently tracked during our competitive gaming tests. It helped us stay on target in FPS games.  

All its buttons, the scroll wheel, and the primary click buttons were responsive, and we did not experience any issues. However, using all the side buttons was challenging because of the sup bar, spacing, and size. 

The mouse is not too light or heavy, making it a middle-weighted product. For eSports, a lighter-weighing mouse would be a better option. 

We consider it efficient in many tasks but do not stand out in any of them. The mouse is a jack of all trades and master of none, even with its premium design and specifications. 

Although we did not find the joystick handy for our gaming, we think it is a good feature. Instead of using it for games, we set our preferred commands for work. Using this joystick improved our efficiency and productivity. 

We enjoyed the overall performance of the Chakram X Wireless. It was swift and responsive, which significantly improved our gaming experience. Its sensor and polling rates delivered the perfect sensitivity and responsiveness for the titles we often play.

ASUS ROG Chakram X Wireless Mouse Review Summary

The Chakram X Wireless is an excellently designed mouse. It is not too light and has a durable paracord and PTFE feet that enable swift movements. With these features, doing all spins and rotations was not a problem, no matter what game we played.

This mouse has a lot of potential and impressive specs, allowing it to deliver superior performance. Although it is not lightweight like the mainstream gaming mice on the market today, its weight offers more stability. It is a perfect weapon for gaming, combined with its ergonomics and ultra-long battery life.

We also love the bundle of accessories included in the Chakram X Wireless packaging. With the customisable joystick, you can optimise your mouse based on your play style and preference.

Another thing we loved about this product is its versatility. You have three connectivity options, and the mouse is compatible with Qi charging.

The Chakram X Wireless is a superb gaming mouse, and we highly recommend it.

For more details about the ROG Chakram X Wireless Mouse, visit the official product page of ASUS.