Synology DS220 Review

Synology DS220+ Review

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Synology DS220+ Review

Today in our Synology DS220+ review, we’ll learn all about this top-notch and high-performing NAS solution.

The latest Synology DS220+ NAS solution is the long-awaited enhancement to the DS218+ which was released in 2017.

It’s a compact and efficient network-attached solution made to streamline multimedia and data management. The Synology DS220+ comes with smooth data sharing, photo indexing, and video streaming. This NAS solution also features well-rounded recovery options and data protection.

But is it that good and efficient? Was it worth all this wait? We’ll learn more about it here in our Synology DS220+ review.

Synology DS220+ Packaging

The first portion of our Synology DS220+ review is all about the DS220+’s packaging and its contents.

When we got our hands on the NAS solution, it came in a very simple-looking cardboard package. However, the box was sturdy, so you won’t have to worry about the unit incurring any damages during transit.

Synology DS220plus photos 01 Synology DS220plus photos 02

The flip-top cover of the box displays “Synology DISKSTATION” on the lower-left corner of the package. On the upper right section is a sticker with an image of the NAS. Aside from an image, you’ll find other details about the DS220+ there, such as its key features, and more.

When we opened the box, the DS220+ was kept neatly and securely in place. Along with it, you’ll find other items inside including an accessory pack, AC power adapter, and AC power cord. Of course, there are also two RJ-45 LAN cables, plus an installation guide.

Synology DS220plus photos 03 Synology DS220plus photos 14

This guide is well-detailed and easy to follow. So, you won’t have any problems when it comes to installing the DS200+ and making it work.

Synology DS220+ Review – Design and Functionality

Now, we’ll take a look at the design and functions of the DS220+ in our Synology DS220+ review.

The DS220+ is the current upgrade to the earlier DS218+. In reality, the DS220+ is more of a variant, but the two products have a lot in common than differences.

Synology DS220+ is a compact and effective network-attached storage solution. It’s primarily designed to centralise and facilitate your data and multimedia control.

Synology DS220plus photos 04 Synology DS220plus photos 05 Synology DS220plus photos 06 Synology DS220plus photos 07 Synology DS220plus photos 08 Synology DS220plus photos 10 Synology DS220plus photos 09 Synology DS220plus photos 11 Synology DS220plus photos 12 Synology DS220plus photos 13

The DS220+ comes with excellent and seamless data sharing, photo indexing, video streaming, plus well-rounded recovery options and data protection.

This current NAS solution features the same form-factor as the DS218+. It also comes with two internal hard drive bays, plus a detachable front panel. You’ll still find its hot-swappable design that’s considered a common-place in this lineup.

Not only that, but it also comes with a dedicated button specifically for the USB copy feature.

Appearance aside, Synology has taken the DS220+ to the next level by enhancing its performance with internal upgrades.

One of our favourite things about drives from Synology is the tool-less setup. If you need to remove the hard drive from its tray, simply pull out the plastic pieces. You won’t need any screwdrivers or other tools to do this.

There are numerous buttons available on the DS220+. These include the power button, indicator lights, and a single-touch copy button on the right side of the drive’s cover.

The last button is awesome. If you link a USB drive to the NAS, you’ll only need to push the copy button. It will remove all contents from your USB drive.

Speaking of the USB, the front and back portion of the DS220+ houses a single 3.0 USB port. These should be enough to handle standard use-case scenarios.

As for the rear, it also features a Kensington Security Slot, as well as two 1GBe LAN ports.

Key Features of the Synology DS220+

Now in our Synology DS220+ review, we’ll check out all the key features of this NAS solution.

Seamless Integration with Smart Devices

Synology mobile apps are made for allowing secure and immediate access to your data, no matter where you are.

Speeds up Demanding Apps

Powerful CPUs enhance the speed of computing-intensive apps. The latest 2-core processor improves database response times, photo indexing, and web PHP response effectiveness.

Immediately categorise photo memories, easily manage files across devices, and enjoy extremely-fast web apps.

Your Entertainment and Multimedia Hub

You can easily access multimedia content no matter where you are via a smart, web-based interface. The DS220+ provides you with the Moments, Video Station, and Audio Station.

Btrfs: Next-Gen Storage Functions and Efficiency

The Btrfs file system offers cutting-edge storage technology. It also gives you optimised snapshots to lessen maintenance overhead and prevent data corruption.

While guaranteeing high-levels of data integrity, it also provides efficient and flexible data protection. Plus, it gives you recovery tools as well.


This section of our Synology DS220+ review is all about the product’s specifications.

Inside, the NAS sports a more powerful and improved processor. However, it still comes with a 2GB RAM that’s soldered onto its board.

There’s an additional RAM slot for hosting an extra stick of up to 4GB. With that, its system memory caps at 6GB. The DS220+ also supports 4K transcoding, and with the faster CPU clocking speed, it means that it’ll work better than its older cousin.

The CPU it uses is the Intel Celeron J-4025. It’s a dual-core 2.0GHz that bursts up to 2.9GHz. It comes with a hardware encryption engine and is compatible with 2 x 3.5-inch/2.5-inch SATA HDDs/SSDs.

This NAS also has a hot-swappable drive, link aggregation, wake on LAN/WAN, plus a scheduled power on/off option. You’ll find two USB 3.0 external ports, as well as 2 x Gigabit (RJ-45) network ports.

The DS220+ measures 6.5 x 4.25 x 9.14″ (HxWxD) and weighs 1.39kg.

Hands on with the Synology DS220+

This part of our Synology DS220+ review will give us an idea if the DS220+ is worth purchasing. Is it as good as their claims, and does it perform excellently? We’ll find out.

DiskStation Manager

synology ds220 plus 1 synology ds220 plus 2

The Synology DS220+ makes use of the same operating DSM or DiskStation Manager operating system. By this time, the system is already at its 6th version.

Like the usual cases in most current servers, the software works efficiently and supports the soon-to-come DSM 7.0.

The DiskStation Manager or DSM is a smart web-based operating system and is designed for each Synology NAS. Plus, it functions to aid you in managing and controlling all your digital assets across your office and home.

To acquire the software, all you have to do is download it from Synology’s official website.

Packed with Features for Convenience

This operating system comes with a plethora of excellent features. Not only that, but you’re allowed to set up your personal media server, then access it from wherever you are.

Synology Drive also makes it extremely easy to synchronise data across different devices and platforms. These include Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, and iOS.

In the new DiskStation Manager, the company aims to provide enhanced IT management flexibility and efficiency in every way. The latest Storage Manager, Advanced LUN, and iSCSI Manager take management efficiency to an entirely new level.

Security updates without service downtime in SHA, as well as unusual DSM login detection, provide a powerful yet secure DSM.

Backup + Security

Protect and secure your personal information on PCs, and business information on VMware, Saas applications, and Windows endpoints. Plus, you can secure all data on your NAS against accidental hardware failures, accidental deletion, and even natural disasters.

Synology Drive

With the Synology Drive, it’s now possible for each office and home to host their cloud. It’s with 100% data ownership without any subscription fees.

Access and Sync Files Immediately

The Drive offers an integrated universal portal access to your files anytime, anywhere. It will make it easier and more convenient to sync and connect data, no matter what platform you’re on.

Efficient Private Cloud Storage without Recurring Fees

Depending on your preferred NAS and hard drives from Synology, you’ll get huge storage capacities from one to hundreds of Terabytes. It’s because Synology Drive sets files and makes them available anytime you need them most.

Seamlessly Syncing and File Backing Up

Work across devices seamlessly and with ease by utilising the desktop application. It’s still your native macOS, Windows, or Ubuntu interface, yet changes made to files will instantly sync to other devices. The changes will occur immediately as soon as they’re linked.

Access & Share Files Anytime, Anywhere

Even if you aren’t syncing them, you don’t have to worry about online access. You’ll always have access to Terabytes of files and data kept in your personal space and Team Folders.

You can instantly browse these data anytime via browser, or the Synology Drive mobile application. Using On-Demand Sync, you can easily save bandwidth and disk space on your computer. Plus, you can also view all your files and data in the synced folders.

The thing is, you can only stream them to the desktop once you open them. It’s a great feature in terms of security.

If you need something that you created some weeks ago, simply right-click to restore that previous version of your data. The Intelliversioning algorithm of Synology pinpoints the most vital and significant changes over longer periods. This guarantees that the earlier versions are not taken up by any small and recent changes.

Also, allow scheduled or real-time backup of important folders to give you copies in case of accidental deletions. Do note that the same versioning safeguards you from ransomware as well.

Streamline Cross-Office File Sharing

If your company has branch offices located in various parts of the world, expect file sharing to be quite messy. Luckily, Synology Drive gets to automate the process simply by protecting select folders on different Synology NAS in synchronisation.

With that, each employee in every office can either download or upload files from those chosen folders. At LAN speeds, this process can be done using SMB/AFP.

Synology Cloud Sync

cloud sync1

Cloud Sync incorporates all advantages of both public and private clouds. Also, it allows you to effortlessly and readily connect your NAS to public cloud services. These include BackBlaze B2, Amazon Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Storage, OpenStack Swift, and more.

Smooth Synchronisation Between Private and Public Clouds

Cloud Sync allows you to smoothly and easily link your local Synology NAS to public cloud services. It can also sync you to on-premise storages via OpenStack Swift, WebDAV protocols Amazon S3 API.

With Cloud Sync, you can improve the collaboration and association when accessing your local NAS and other cloud services. Plus, it can quickly and effectively back up data to or from public clouds.

Let Administrators Monitor and Control Use

Cloud Sync lets administrators see which user is syncing files to a specific cloud storage service. This is necessary to ensure resource usage and that it adheres to the local laws and company policies.


Customise and manage a synchronisation strategy for every task. For the sync direction, choose one or two-way synchronisations to easily backup or synchronise data. This occurs between your NAS and different cloud services.

For encryption and compression, you’ll get to store and transfer data using encryption safely. After, you can reduce storage consumption and traffic via compression.

Concurrent processing lets you customise an ideal number of concurrent file downloads and uploads to enhance system usage. As for selective syncing, choose specific folders then filter out the files you need to sync. You can link these to a public cloud service or your NAS to further optimise your storage use.

Schedule and sync all your tasks by scheduling these at a particular time and date. This feature will help you flexibly and conveniently utilise the system resources of your NAS.

Lastly, traffic control allows you to set a bandwidth limit. It’ll help you prevent the download and upload traffic from meddling with general traffic on your NAS.

Synology Moments

With Synology Moments, you can put together all your images and media files in a single private place. This will let you organise everything in an entirely new fashion.

Synology Moments opens a fresh new way for photo storing, allowing for quick sorting of various images. This is done via image-recognising method that can determine the subjects, people, and places captured in each photo.

Your smartphone’s storage will never again be the limitation of your ideas and imagination. Easily backup all your captured images securely in Moments to immediately free up all the spaces.

All the images will be displayed in timeline mode. If you look at it, it’s the same as what you see on your smartphone.

With the deep learning algorithm of Synology NAS, various photos are instantly grouped based on similar subjects, places, and faces.

You won’t have to scroll through all your saved photos if you need to find just a single image. Simply type in your keywords on the search bar, and all the related results will instantly appear.

With that, all your important moments and images can be easily shared with your loved ones, anytime, and anywhere.

Cooperate in Editing Travel Images with Your Family

When you switch to Shared Photo Library, it’ll let you and all authorised users collaborate in editing albums and photos together. What’s great is that it will still keep all your personal images private in My Photo Library.

Live Photos Assistance

With this, let the magical Live Photos in Moments allow you to view all your beautiful memories while in motion.

Auto Color & Rotate

Edit photos by applying the Auto Color & Rotate feature. Here, the AI will immediately adjust all that’s necessary.

Similar Photos

All duplicate/similar photos are put together in For You. It will make things easier for you when you’re deciding to keep or delete the images there.

360-Degree View

For viewing and sharing photos interactively, make use of the 360-degree photos and videos.

Super Resolution

During unstable network connections, view images under the Super Resolution mode for better pictures.

Synology Office

Synology Office has the professional editing tools that help in easily and efficiently creating work documents, spreadsheets, and slides. With real-time synchronisation and saving, your team can achieve productivity while simultaneously ensuring data security.

Document Collaboration in Real-Time

Synology Office allows an entire team to work on the same document, spreadsheet, or slides at the same time. There’s no need to take turns in editing the file, so you can get the job done faster.

Generate Work Documents with Synology’s Powerful Applications

Synology Office has applications for creating and editing work documents: Document, Spreadsheet, and Slides.

Document allows for organising your writing with user-friendly editing tools. It has image altering and shaping functions to enhance your content. To provide feedback to your teammates, you can do this via the revising mode.

Another app is Spreadsheet, which offers vivid charts, integrated formulas, and conditional formatting options. Common spreadsheet tasks like calculating expenses, creating sales reports, and compiling to-do lists are now easier. It’s not only convenient for the workplace but also your personal life.

With Slides, you can utilise comprehensive editing features to create professional presentations easily. It has speaker notes for you to give an impressive speech and built-in themes for you to create content faster. The slide deck integrates the contributions of all members of the team.

What’s impressive is that these three applications are compatible with Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. With that, you can convert your Microsoft Office files to Synology Office’s documents, spreadsheets, and slides or vice-versa.

Collaborate with Ease

Synology Office allows for easy collaboration with team members. It features real-Time syncing that enables multiple people to work simultaneously on a single document. It also lets members interact by leaving comments for efficient collaboration and better productivity.

With immediate communication via the Synology Chat plug-in, you can conduct quick discussions while working on a document. And no one would miss important updates since it has a notification feature.

Synology Drive Integration

Synology Office 3.0 comes with Synology Drive integration. This allows access to and management of all your Office files in the Drive package.

Data Security and Privacy

Synology Office ensures the security and privacy of your documents. You can also make use of the private cloud with the convenience of public cloud services. For advanced protection, you can encrypt confidential files.

If you need previous versions and revisions, Synology Office offers the history versions feature.

Synology Chat

This application’s interface is similar to Slack’s chat system, making it a great collaboration tool for small offices. It comes with a back-end server and front-end apps.

Download Station

Download Station is a well-designed self-download application that handles file downloads from all sources. It features a powerful search engine for torrents.

Cloud Station Server

Cloud Station Server is a must-have application that transforms your server into a personal cloud. It enables syncing of backup data of multiple devices.

Snapshot Replication

Snapshot Replication offers two unique functions: shadow copy backup and replication. Shadow copy backup automatically saves a version of specific data based on a schedule. Its replication function, on the other hand, allows for automatic data replication to another location in real-time.

These two functions keep your data safe even when it’s deleted, altered, or damaged by accident.

Hyper Backup

This versatile application automatically creates backup files stored on the server to multiple destinations and online storage services. These include Amazon Drive, Google Drive, Microsoft Azure, and more.

Surveillance Station

Surveillance Station turns the server into a complete surveillance system when combined with supported IP cameras. Although the server can handle up to 25 cameras, it only comes with two camera licenses.

If you want to increase this, note that each license costs $60 each.

Video Station

With Video Station, you can turn your NAS into a private streaming server that is similar to Netflix. As an alternative, you can also use Plex or Media Server apps.

When we tested the DS220+, we saw that it could handle 4K transcoding.

Virtual Machine Manager

Virtual Machine Manager allows for creating multiple virtual environments for running other machines within the NAS server.

Quick and Easy Software Installation

Installing the DSM software on the server is an easy task. You only need the Synology Assistant Software to detect the server. This software assisted us in installing operating system directly from Synology’s server.

The entire process took only 15 minutes since the Synology Assistant Software was user-friendly. We also didn’t have any issues while using the DiskStation Manager, since its interface was easy to use and understand.

During our tests, everything worked well, and we didn’t experience any issues with the software.

What makes the DSM an impressive software program is that it can be used in an offline environment. All you have to do is copy the OS data file to a computer, then upload it to the server.


Aside from the software, we also tested the Synology DS220+ to see how its other features work.

The first thing we tested was its dual Ethernet ports, which was one of its unique features. Just like installing the software, setting up Link Aggregation in DiskStation Manager was quick and straightforward.

With two networking slots and two connected clients, we saw faster read & write speeds and better transfer rates. This makes the Synology DS220+ more versatile than other NAS products.

After that, we tested the DS220+ to see how well it would work as a home media server. It was great for general use but had some hiccups when we tried playing higher-quality content.

This 2-bay NAS performed impressively when handling direct plays, and it was also great in transcoding media. We were able to stream multiple media without buffering and playback issues, which we appreciate a lot.

Synology DS220+ Review Summary

For its price, the Synology D220+ is an amazing NAS unit with solid build quality, excellent performance, and user-friendly software. With that, setting up the NAS was a breeze, and we enjoyed using this product.

The DiskStation practically does all the work. Upon setting up the NAS, we waited for our files to load, then it did the rest of the work. Accessing our data was also quick, and we almost didn’t have any waiting time.

In conclusion to our Synology DS220+ review, we were satisfied with its performance, and we highly recommend it. If you want to get your hands on this NAS product, check out the store locator for authorised sellers.