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Ugreen USB-C Multifunction Adapter Review

You probably connect plenty of accessories to your desktop/laptop; however, the available ports are inadequate for your needs. Today we are sharing our Ugreen USB-C Multifunction Adapter Review so you can learn more about the product. 

Using USB hubs such as this is essential for connecting all your accessories. And what we have for our Ugreen USB-C Multifunction Adapter Review is a fully-powered USB-C hub. It also has an HDMI port, USB-C, USB-A, Ethernet ports, and SD card slots. 

Although it is ideal for keeping your connections organised, is this multifunction adapter efficient enough? Does it work as well as claims, or is it better to look elsewhere? 

Ugreen USB-C Multifunction Adapter Packaging

Before getting more in-depth with the product, our Ugreen USB-C Multifunction Adapter Review will focus on its packaging. 

Our multifunction adapter arrived in a thick enough cardboard box with an image of it in front. Ugreen kept its exterior design to a minimum, which gives off a premium vibe. 

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Inside, a plastic tray protects the item, which comes with a quick start guide for your reference. Other than these, there are no other inclusions bundled with the multifunction adapter. 

But despite that, it is ready to use out of the box. So, you will not need anything else to start using the product.

Ugreen USB-C Multifunction Adapter Review – Design and Functionality

The first thing we did for this Ugreen USB-C Multifunction Adapter Review was to check the product design and functions. This multifunction adapter uses quality materials, which makes it a textured and solid piece. 

It sports a long, rectangular shape with an aluminium alloy casing with a nice silver-grey colour and slightly-rounded edges. You will also find a Ugreen logo printed in black at the top of the product. Additionally, the multifunction adapter is small enough to slip into your bag if you need to bring it. 

We love that it is made of aluminium since this helps dissipate heat better than plastic USB hubs. That means you will not have to worry much about any overheating issues. 

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You will find a short pigtail cord featuring a USB-C tip on the far back portion of the housing. It is for connecting the hub to a laptop, allowing you to access all devices available. 

In front, you will find an Ethernet port which is an excellent spot since it is easier to access. 

You will find the rest of its ports on the sides of the housing. On one side, which is closest to the cable attachment, are a pair of USB-A ports. Further towards the opposite end is a pair of SD card slots.

The top houses a micro SD slot, while a full-sized SD card slot rests below. 

On the other portion of the housing is a USB-C card close to the centre. Then towards the rear is the HDMI port. 

Key Features of the Ugreen USB-C Multifunction Adapter 

What makes this product better than other adapters on the market? We will discuss its features in our Ugreen USB-C Multifunction Adapter Review to help you find out.

Compact and Portable

Its compact and lightweight design offers expanded capabilities for your laptop. And because of its aluminium case, heat dissipation is better, which makes the product safe for use.

Multiple USB 3.0 Ports for Increased Efficiency

The additional USB 3.0 ports are excellent for connecting peripherals, card readers, hard drives, etc. You can also plug in more USB devices and take advantage of the adapter.

4K 3D High Definition Sensory

You can enjoy screen mirroring with a connectivity USB Type-C to HDMI hub. Linking your MacBook Pro to any monitor, HDTV, or projector via HDMI input gives you an immersive viewing experience.

Compatibility with USB-C Gen 2 Thunderbolt

The Thunderbolt 3 USB-C Gen 2 port supports 6K video output and 100W fast charging.

Built-in Temperature Control Chip and Aluminium Shell

The aluminium shell dissipates heat effectively, while the temperature control chip and temperature control chip maintains low temperatures. Preventing heat helps keep stable working conditions. 


Let us continue our Ugreen USB-C Multifunction Adapter Review and look into the product specifications. For starters, you can use this multifunction adapter with tablets, iMacs, iPads, and laptops. 

Its total Wattage is 100W, while the connectors included are a USB-A port and an HDMI port. You will also find SD card slots and a USB-C port. 

Lastly, the product measures 4.88 x 1.3 x 0.63 inches and weighs 4.2 ounces. 

Hands-on with the Ugreen USB-C Multifunction Adapter 

To properly test its performance, we used the product for a week. So now, we will share our experience with it in this Ugreen USB-C Multifunction Adapter Review.

We tested this multifunction adapter with numerous peripherals, including a mouse and keyboard, which worked flawlessly. Next, we transferred files from a hard drive to a flash drive. Doing this did not cause any issues either.

Ugreen designed the USB-C port for charging only, but it managed to recharge a power bank and a smartphone. The extender portion got slightly warm after a few hours of use, but it did not affect its performance. After using it numerous times, it delivered the same efficiency without any issues.

The HDMI port worked well, and it performed as advertised. It managed to output a 1080p monitor, and the ethernet port worked without connectivity problems.

The SD and micro SD card slots supported 105Mbps read/write speeds. It was not as fast as the transfer speeds of USB ports. However, these scores were quick enough for transferring photos and other small files.

Ugreen USB-C Multifunction Adapter Review Summary

If you need additional ports to connect more computer accessories, the multifunction adapter from Ugreen is the perfect solution. This well-built product is sturdy and offers high levels of versatility. Plus, it is light and portable, making it easy to bring anywhere.

We tested the product for our Ugreen USB-C Multifunction Adapter Review, and its performance was satisfying. It delivered everything claimed by the company, and we did not experience issues with it. With its features, performance, and durable & lightweight design, we highly recommend this product.

Visit the official product page of Ugreen for more details on this USB-C Multifunction Adapter.